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    Week 21 2018 : Sat 19 May - Fri 25 May
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ITV’s award-winning international current affairs series returns with powerful and thought-provoking stories from around the world. In this week’s episode, Lucrezia Millarini travels to Poland, where the government is trying to tighten its already very restrictive abortion laws. Rageh Omaar is in Israel on its 70th birthday to meet conscientious objectors risking prison sentences for their refusal to serve in the Israeli army. And Nina Nannar is in Los Angeles to learn whether insects could be the next big food trend in Europe.
On Friday, Ireland will hold a national referendum on whether to legalise abortion. But there’s a majority Catholic state on the other side of Europe having a battle of its own. Poland has some of the most restrictive abortion laws, and the government is trying to tighten them further.  The government is now seeking to remove one of the last existing exemptions, cases of foetal abnormality, which account for 95 percent of legal terminations. Lucrezia Millarini meets pro-choice protesters and pro-life campaigners, and OA travels to the German border to meet a Polish doctor providing abortions for desperate Polish women.
From the moment of its creation, 70 years ago this year, Israel and its neighbours have been at war.  For Palestinians, the creation of Israel is known as Al Nakba, ‘the catastrophe’, the moment they were dispossessed of their land, and militarily occupied. After fighting many wars, Israelis believe they owe their existence to their military – the Israeli Defence Forces, or IDF. It’s one of few countries in the world that still has compulsory national service for every 18-year old. But there is a growing number who are refusing to serve, citing the Israeli occupation in Gaza and violence towards Palestinians as immoral. Rageh Omaar went to meet these conscientious objectors – mostly women – willing to go to prison rather than wear the country’s uniform.
This year, the EU introduced new regulations that will make it easier to sell bugs as food across Europe. Nina Nannar travels to Los Angeles where insects have already crept onto the menu, to find out what could be heading our way. Bug advocate and blogger Aly Moore treats Nina and friends to a bug-and-wine-pairing, where the reporter eats insects, including a scorpion, for the first time. OA hears from scientists who say while there are health and environmental benefits of insects over traditional meats, consumer acceptance is a big challenge. And Nina visits one of the largest health food expos in the world, where companies tell us they are gearing up for selling their insect protein bars and cricket crisps to Europe and the UK.
Presenter: Rageh Omaar
Correspondents:  Lucrezia Millarini, Rageh Omaar, Nina Nannar
Producer/ Directors: Celia Watson, Sonia Pavlovic and Chris Hackett
Series Producer:  Delilah Jeary
Executive Producer:  Natalie Fay