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Where Are They Now? The Reunions

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    Sun 29 May 2016
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    Week 22 2016 : Sat 28 May - Fri 03 Jun
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This is the show that brings TV, film and pop's favourite stars back together again for a series of emotional reunions.
From one of Britain's favourite TV families to a glamorous Saturday tea time cast via pop sensations from the 70s, 80s and 90s, it's time to reunite them all at the places where the magic happened.
The Oxo Family discuss the much missed Lynda Bellingham
Baywatch stars reunite and reveal what they're up to now - including one star who now drives an ice cream truck
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The Bay City Rollers discuss losing everything and their lead singer’s battle with alcoholism
Plus, find out what happened to Musical Youth, East 17 and child stars from Bugsy Malone and Jerry Maguire
The Oxo Family
There's an unforgettable reunion in store for the Oxo family who come together to remember Oxo Mum, the much-loved Lynda Bellingham.
Keeping us entertained for sixteen years, the Oxo clan’s final appearance in 1999 would be many of the cast’s final appearance on television. But where are they now?
The youngest cast member, Alison Reynolds, played the precocious eight-year old daughter filming the final advert at age twenty-three. Alison became a Viking re-enactor, where she met her husband. Alison says: “There is nothing that gets your frustration out like wielding an axe at somebody that’s really getting on your nerves”. Alison has since had two children and is a stay-at-home mum.
Colin McCoy, who played mischievous son Jason, has worked in several different jobs such as a professional chocolate taster; he now runs the technical functions for a leading household cleaning company.
Returning to his first love, Blair MacKichan, who played the eldest son, became a successful songwriter writing songs for Lily Allen, Will Young, as well as Paloma Faith’s debut single “Stone Cold Sober”.
Mike Redfern played the father and after the ads finished continued with his acting career adopting several police roles and relocated to Spain with his wife in 2005.
Lynda Bellingham also continued her career in showbiz appearing in various television programmes and joining ITV’s Loose Women panel but tragically lost her battle with colon cancer in 2014.
The cast reunite for the first time since filming the final advert in 1999 and in true Oxo fashion; it’s around the dinner table. Reminiscing on their times together, they say how it feels like they had never been apart.
Speaking of Lynda’s passing, Mike says: “We kept in touch and I was just about to write to her having seen her on television and realised how ill she was when I got a call from her husband Michael early in the morning saying she had gone”.
Appearing in Oxo’s campaign at such a young age, Colin grew up with Lynda acting in a maternal role: “She was such a huge part of my growing up, she was almost a second mum”.
Songwriter Blair adds: “Such a warm, generous and giving spirit and just a lovely person”. The Oxo family discuss Lynda’s incredible talent before giving a final toast in honour of her memory.
The stars of US smash hit Baywatch are brought back together on the Malibu Beach where the series was filmed as the programme finds out what life is like for them two decades on.
While Pamela Anderson and David Hasselhoff remain very much in the public eye, the rest of the cast all now lead very different lives.
Alexandra Paul played L.T Stephanie Holden for five seasons and has since become a health and fitness coach. However, Alexandra hit headlines in recent years for her political activism and spent five days in jail due a protest she took part in against the Iraq War. Alexandra says: “I never had as much fun as I did on that show”.
On his role in the show, Jaason Simmonds says: “Logan in the breakdown was a male chauvinistic Australian pig”. Unlike his character, Jaason has embraced his spiritual side, becoming a Buddhist when he was twenty-three and became engaged to fellow actor John O’Callaghan.
Every TV show needs its villain and Gena Lee Nolin was cast to play the vicious Neely Capshaw. In 2009, Gena was diagnosed with a rare condition called ‘Hashimoto's Thyroiditis’ and now spends her time raising awareness to help others in her position.
David Chokachi and Erika Eleniak were two of Baywatch’s biggest pin-ups playing characters Cody Madison and Shauni McClain respectively. While David speaks of his newfound passion of surfing, the former playmate is passing her knowledge of acting on to the next generation. Erika says: “I love what I am doing, teaching these kids. I feel so blessed”.
While Nicole Eggert, the actress who played Summer Quinn still dabbles in the occasional acting job; she has decided to take an interesting new sideline of driving an ice-cream truck. Nicole says: “Dealing with smiling faces and kids is always the best”.
The stars of Baywatch walk on the Malibu beach and reflect on the their time on the show and its impact across the world. Alexandra says: “Baywatch epitomised what people wanted California to be like, this freedom but also heroism”. They also share the specific technique on mastering those so well known slow motion running sequences. Baywatch was of the raunchiest shows on prime-time television at the time; this is proven as the cast discuss some of the backstage shenanigans that occurred.
The Bay City Rollers
In the Seventies, the Bay City Rollers were the biggest thing in the charts since the Beatles, as Rollermania gripped the UK. The show joins the band in Edinburgh as they play an emotional comeback gig in their home city. 
Bassist Alan Longmuir says: “We never realised how big it was going to be, we were just a wee band, it was great”.
However, after three years and nine top ten hits, the Bay City Rollers hit a dip and although to the outside world they were superstar millionaires, this was not the case for the five boys from Edinburgh.
The Bay City Rollers were in a dispute with their record label after they claimed they were owed millions of pounds in unpaid royalties. Speaking of the bands downfall, singer Les McKeown says: “It was a disaster, we all dried up. The payments from my house stopped and the next thing people were throwing me and my family out on the street, I had no money at all”.
By the mid 80’s, the band was no more. While drummer Derek Longmuir became a cardiologist, brother Alan fell back on the handyman skills he had learnt prior to finding fame.
Guitarist Eric Faulkner continues to perform and Stuart Wood also decided to stay in the music industry. Reflecting on his career, Stuart says: “I’ve never stopped playing music or been involved in the music industry, I’ve got a record label and I am always recording, I couldn’t do anything else”.
Singer Les McKeown decided to make a comeback in the early 80’s, however his attempts at forming a solo career were hampered by his personal struggles. Speaking of his experience, Les says: “I just went in to a kind of free-fall period, too much drinking which turned into extreme too much drinking, I barely got a good review back then and people just wouldn’t ever bother writing about you”.
After seeing a doctor, Les was informed he would not live until the end of the year, so he made the conscious decision to overcome his addictions. Les says: “I went to rehab and that’s the best decision I made, I stayed there for four and half months and got myself back together again”.
Life is very different now for the teen sensations from Edinburgh. However, last November a reunion was finally confirmed. Les, Alan and Stuart make their way to a venue in Edinburgh to play their comeback gig – it’s not just the band that are reliving their teenage years though as they are greeted by some dedicated fans. Guitarist Stuart says: “I think it was always going to happen and it just seemed the right time to do it, almost like the last chapter of the Bay City Rollers”.
Musical Youth
Musical Youth were made up of two sets of brothers; Michael Grant and Kelvin Grant, Patrick Waite and Freddie Waite and their close friend Dennis Seaton on lead vocals.
While the lyrics created controversy, the band achieved enormous success, attending awards ceremonies with the likes of Michael Jackson and Paul McCartney.
However, the members now lead a different way of life. While Dennis Seaton and Michael Grant still perform together, they both have normal day jobs. Dennis instructs people how to use hydraulic lifting platforms and Michael is a primary-school teacher.
Michael’s brother Kelvin still performs but chooses not to associate himself with his former band-members. Patrick Waite unfortunately passed away aged twenty-four from a heart condition whilst awaiting a drug charge. His brother Junior has faced a string of personal problems.
Both Dennis and Michael visit the Nechells council estate where they grew up and although they feel nostalgic about old times, they are happy with their new lives. Michael says: “I have everything I want, I’m married, I love my wife, I love my kids and I teach. I am very content in life”.
East 17
The Nineties were dominated by British music acts, including four boys from Walthamstow that made East 17. By 1997, the boy band who created a unique blend of pop and rap had eighteen hit singles.
However, East 17’s biggest hit came at Christmas with “Stay Another Day” and spent five weeks at the top of the chart. John Hendy refers to the single release as a turning point in their career and says: “Going to Top of the Pops to go from bottles of coke and Smarties to bottles of champagne and caviar”.
Tony Mortimer embarked on a solo career and Brian Harvey has faced a string of personal problems including bankruptcy. Meanwhile, John Hendy, Terry Coldwell and new member Robbie Craig are riding the wave of 90’s nostalgia and continue to perform. Terry says: “I wouldn’t change a thing, it’s been a rollercoaster ride but this is a new chapter now”.
Bugsy Malone and Jerry Maguire
The show also reveals what happened next to the child stars of hit films like Bugsy Malone and Jerry Maguire.
Bugsy Malone was known for its entire child-cast. Donald Waugh played the character ‘Snake Eyes’ alongside actress Academy Award winner Jodie Foster. After Bugsy Malone, Donald went on to star in Grange Hill, a show that dominated on screens in the 80’s.
However, by his late thirties, Donald had become disillusioned by the industry and had found work hard to come by. Donald invested all his money into a business venture but lost everything, turning to the bottle, he started to drink and eventually became homeless. “I ended up in a squat, I’m on a floor with an old dirty mattress and a sheet, and so that’s the kind of level I got to.”
While living on the streets, Donald met others in a similar position to himself and they became his inspiration for the next stage of his incredible journey. He decided to establish a creative program called “Pavement to Catwalk” which involved the production of art and printing on t-shirts, cups and other surfaces for them to be sold to help the less fortunate.
Jonathan Lipnicki made his film debut alongside Tom Cruise and Renee Zellweger is Jerry Maguire at the age of five. He then went on to appear in Stuart Little furthering his career. Still striving to make his mark on Hollywood, Jonathan has struggled, as he is mostly associated with the role he played at such a young age.
Reflecting on his teenage years, Jonathan speaks of how he was not comfortable in his own skin and how he turned to martial arts, which he is now an expert in.
Acting remains Jonathan’s number one passion but he is still met with a repetitive response of industry professionals associating him with his younger self. Jonathan says: “I am not bothered by anything in my past, I am really grateful for it, I just hope that people can be open to seeing me as I am now”.