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ITV’s award-winning international current affairs series continues. ITV’s Washington Correspondent Robert Moore travels across America, to meet those living on the street amid a sharp increase in homelessness. Paul Brand is in Finland to ask if governments should simply start giving everyone free cash - no questions asked. And Juliet Bremner is in Naples, a city synonymous with crime, where groups of teens known as 'baby gangs' are attacking people at random.
The US economy and stock market might be booming, yet homelessness is rising. In the UK 5,000 people sleep rough every night – in America, it’s 500,000. One major reason is that rents are rising, pushing the poorest Americans out of the housing market. Washington Correspondent Robert Moore travels across America to meet those living on the street and hears dire predictions that it’s about to get much worse. He is on the road with the police in Baltimore, who hand out 1,000 eviction notices every day and speaks to veterans living in tents on Skid Row, an area of Los Angeles.
Stagnant wages, zero-hour contracts and the threat of robots taking humans' jobs are problems most Western nations are battling. Work is changing - the steady job to last a lifetime with decent wages, regular holidays and sick pay is becoming a thing of the past for many. But a trial in northern Europe could hold the answer. ITV’s Political Correspondent Paul Brand goes to Finland to ask whether governments should simply start giving everyone free cash, no questions asked.
As London sees a dramatic spike in violent crime, especially affecting young people, Juliet Bremner travels to Naples in southern Italy, a city facing its own crime crisis. There so-called ‘baby gangs’ consisting of groups of teenagers and young people have recently been at the heart of escalating violence, mimicking the traditional Neapolitan mafia-style clans that the town is so infamous for.
Presenter: Rageh Omaar
Correspondents: Robert Moore, Paul Brand and Juliet Bremner
Producer/ Director: Chris Hackett
Series Producer: Delilah Jeary
Executive Producer: Natalie Fay