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Judge Rinder’s Crime Stories
ITV Daytime’s resident judge, Robert Rinder, returns to explore more of Britain’s worst crimes in the second series of Judge Rinder’s Crime Stories.
Used to ruling the courtroom in his own hit TV series, respected criminal defence barrister, Judge Rinder, steps out from behind the bench to take a closer look at a variety of major offences.
The returning series (10 x 60’) delves deep into each real-life case using eyewitness accounts, CCTV footage and news reports to reconstruct defining moments. From murders to extreme cases of fraud, the series examines the police efforts that helped solve these crimes, as well as looking into miscarriages of justice. 
Crime Stories will explore reports including the infamous case of Mick Philpott, jailed for the death of six of his children, the murder of 67-year-old Rita Stephens by her own son and a gang who targeted the elderly by pretending to be the police. 
Episode 1 - Monday 5 June
Case 1:
During 2014 and 2015 an organised gang of fraudsters were targeting the elderly by pretending to be the police. Asking their victims to withdraw large sums of cash that would be collected by a ‘police courier’, the gang set out on a nationwide crime spree in which police forces from around the country joined together to bring the criminals to justice.
Case 2:
When Alison Saunders bought a struggling company that helps children and young adults get prepared for the workplace she made sure her nearest and dearest were by her side. However, what Alison didn’t account for was the fact that one colleague, Terri Hardman, didn’t have her best interests at heart and was working to unravel her efforts. 
Episode 2 - Tuesday 6 June
Case 1:
Jean and Tony Simester’s son Darrell went missing in the year 2000. Fearing he was being held against his will, they contacted the police but, because of Darrell’s age, were unable to find the help they so desperately needed. It was only after an observant member of the public, who’d read a newspaper article about Darrell, that they got the tip-off they needed. Having spent 13 years as a slave, Darrell was ill – both physically and mentally.
Case 2:
In 2012 Shelley Roylance’s husband tragically lost his life to cancer. In her grief Shelley turned to her family for support. Her eldest son Paul agreed to manage the £45,000 estate left to her by their father. The decision would have tragic consequences.
Episode 3 - Wednesday 7 June
Case 1:
The Border Force and the National Crime Agency (NCA) work together to carry out the UK’s biggest ever drugs bust.
Case 2:
On the morning of February 22nd 2006, the small market town of Tonbridge in Kent made headlines around the world as news broke of the biggest cash robbery in British history. Fifty three million pounds had been stolen. 
Episode 4 - Thursday 8 June
Case 1:
In November 2000 a criminal gang attempted the most audacious robbery in British criminal history. The target - the world's most perfect diamond on display in the Millennium Dome. Using never-before-seen police footage, and testimony from the men who were there, this is the inside story of the heist of the millennium and the secret Flying Squad operation to foil it.
Case 2:
Billy Stirrat was a happily married father of two that worked as a gamekeeper. His life was turned upside down following a miscarriage of justice involving his wrongful arrest for the possession of £500,000 worth of amphetamine.
Episode 5 - Friday 9 June
Case 1:
In the Spring of 2012, six children lost their lives in a devastating house fire. The subsequent investigation challenged the actions of parents, Mick and Mairead Philpott, quickly making them the prime suspects for the fire that killed their children. In a TV first, Mick’s teenage son Michael gives his first TV interview discussing the events of that night. 
Case 2:
In June 2015, police were called to the house of 67-year-old Rita Stephens. She had been the victim of a frenzied attack which resulted in her death. Police had a 44-year-old man in custody, her own son Mark. In a series of emotionally-charged interviews, Mark’s siblings tell their side of this tragedy. 
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