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The Magic Show Story

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    Sat 30 May 2015
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    6.30pm - 7.30pm
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    Week 23 2015 : Sat 30 May - Fri 05 Jun
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In this one-off special, presenter and magician Stephen Mulhern goes on a journey through sixty years of trickery, as he celebrates the mind-blowing, jaw-dropping story of magic on television.
Stephen recalls the moments of magic that grabbed the headlines - from Dynamo levitating above the Shard, David Blaine being encased in a block of ice, Paul Daniels’ faking his own death on air to David Copperfield’s Flying illusion.
Along the way Stephen meets some of his magic heroes - from Paul Daniels to Penn and Teller - and recreates some of the popular tricks that made TV history - including sawing Anita Harris, David Nixon’s glamorous assistant, in half. Stephen hears how the likes of Nixon and Tommy Cooper first brought magic to the masses in the early days of television. He looks at the influence of ground-breaking American stars like David Copperfield and finds out how magic went from men in tuxedos pulling rabbits out of a hat, to a new generation of hip, young street magicians, like Dynamo and David Blaine.
The documentary features interviews with stars of TV magic past and present including Darcy Oake, Dynamo, Paul Daniels, Anita Harris, Penn and Teller, Geoffrey ‘The Great Suprendo’ Durham and Ben Hanlin, as Stephen reveals how magic has continually reached new heights on our TV screens.