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The Secret Life of Your House

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    Tue 02 Jun 2015
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    9.00pm - 10.00pm
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    Week 23 2015 : Sat 30 May - Fri 05 Jun
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The Secret Life of Your House is a unique and entertaining natural history experiment, in which leading entomologist George McGavin deliberately infests a house with thousands of animals, which we normally think of as ‘pests’. The experiment gives us an incredible insight into the ecology that exists right under our noses, living off and around us.
Major pest control companies are reporting up to a 50% rise in call outs and the British Pest Control Association have expressed real concerns about our ability to control infestations that get out of hand. 
But George thinks that these house pests are misunderstood. He’s going to welcome them in as houseguests, marvel in their glory and see what they’d get up to if we didn’t intervene. “You don’t need to go the Plains of Africa to witness fascinating wildlife, it’s right here in your kitchen”, he says. 
After introducing the animals to the house – from bed bugs, to spiders, mice, to cockroaches – he lets them loose for a month of to find out what they get up to.  George even stays in the house and makes himself a guinea pig in the experiment – when he sleeps between bed bug-infested sheets for a night.