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Unbelievable Moments: Caught on Camera

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    Thu 04 Jun 2020

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    9.00pm - 10.00pm

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    Week 23 2020 : Sat 30 May - Fri 05 Jun

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    Thu 21 May 2020

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Series overview

This new series of Unbelievable Moments: Caught on Camera features incredible, eye-witness footage shot by members of the public.  

Voiced by Alexander Armstrong, the programme travels around the globe - meeting the people who filmed these amazing clips to get the stories behind the footage. 

Episode 1

A heart-stopping story of a man who took a ‘pleasure flight’ on a hang-glider, but the pilot forgot to attach him. He hung on for his life, thousands of feet above the ground, for more than two minutes before falling off just before it landed.  

Two passengers on board the Viking Sky cruise ship that suffered engine failure in rough seas just off the coast of Norway recount how they were left fearing for their lives.

A heroic cop throws the rule book out of the window when trying to save a baby’s life on the roadside.

The US Navy come to the rescue when a plane crashes into the sea in the Pacific Ocean and a moose causes chaos when it falls through a small window into a residential basement in Colorado.  

And finally, in New Jersey, USA - a fire at a dance studio forces girls to jump from a first floor balcony to escape the burning building.

In the UK, a bride and groom are in for a surprise when their wedding guests organise a flash mob.