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Long Lost Family

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    Tue 17 Jul 2018
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    9.30pm - 10.30pm
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    Week 29 2018 : Sat 14 Jul - Fri 20 Jul
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Series overview
The award-winning documentary series Long Lost Family returns to ITV for a brand new series, as presenters Davina McCall and Nicky Campbell reunite more family members with their missing relatives. Series 8 features seven heart-warming new episodes, helping relatives reunite with the loved ones they have been desperately searching for and answering questions that have haunted people for years.
Episode 1
In episode one, we meet two of our youngest ever searchers, looking for birth family on the other side of the world. A man whose last contact with his father was a snatched phone call from America when he was six. And a woman whose life was transported from Bogota to Berkshire when her Colombian birth mother gave her up for adoption.
Pearse Egan grew up in Ireland and was raised by his single mother Ann. Ann met Eddie, Pearse’s father, when they were both working for a nightclub in New York. After finding out she was pregnant, Ann returned home to Dublin, where she raised Pearse on her own.
Pearse has only spoken to his father once, shortly after his 6th birthday when Eddie sent him a birthday card. Pearse remembers speaking to him from a phone box but the call was cut short when he became upset. He lost all contact with his father after that.
As he’s grown older, Pearse has always wanted to find his father. To help Pearse search for Eddie, Ann rang the nightclub in New York only to be told he didn’t work there anymore. The staff had heard that he had been ill and may have moved to Las Vegas. Worried that he’s left things too late, Pearse is now desperate to find his father and be part of his life.
Our second search comes from a woman looking for a mother she’s never known, in a country over 5000 miles away.  
Christina Barlow was born in Bogota, Colombia and adopted by an English couple, who raised her in Berkshire. She knows from her adoption papers that her birth mother, Encarnacion already had three other children and was living in extreme poverty. But there is no mention of her father. Encarnacion realised it was impossible for her to care for another child and gave Christina up for adoption, hoping she would have a better life. Christina now longs to find her birth mother to thank her for the sacrifice she has made and to find out about her birth father, who has always been a mystery.