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    Mon 14 Jul 2014
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    Week 29 2014 : Sat 12 Jul - Fri 18 Jul
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The Speakmans will follow therapists to the stars, Nik and Eva Speakman as they attempt to successfully treat ordinary people with extraordinary problems.
In a bid to succeed where counsellors, doctors and other therapists have failed, Nik and Eva will see a range of people with debilitating psychological issues and attempt over the course of one programme to cure them.
From Agoraphobia to post traumatic stress, each programme will see a contributor introduce viewers to a problem that is affecting their life and then follow the experts in action as they seek to cure them.
Episode one: Sick
Becky is terrified of getting sick.  For the last five years, this phobia has completely taken over her life and she rarely leaves the house.  Becky was once passionate about horse riding but now she's petrified to go the stables.  This phobia is destroying all of her relationships.  Her boyfriend, Chris finished their relationship and says he'll only take her back if she gets treated for her phobia. 
The Speakmans delve into Becky's past and discover what life experiences triggered her phobia.  Nik & Eva bring the family together and discuss the huge impact that Becky's phobia is having on everyone else. The Speakmans go through intense therapy with Becky and attempt to treat her intense phobia.  
Can The Speakmans successfully treat Becky and will she be able to rekindle her love of horse riding?   Will Becky be able to save her relationships before it's too late? 
Episode two: OCD
Ashlea is desperate to start a family but her extreme OCD is preventing her from fulfilling her dreams.  Ashlea is addicted to biting objects.  She can spend up to 11 hours a day biting furniture, curtains, plates, steering wheels, hot hair straighteners, hot irons, etc. Every time she goes upstairs she has to bite the entire bannisters which is now destroyed. Ashlea has a dangerous habit of taking her hands off the steering wheel to touch the roof of her car. Ashlea says her OCD is putting a huge strain on her marriage. 
In mediation, Ashlea's family express their concerns about her OCD as it's becoming a danger to her life especially whilst she's driving her car.  
During therapy The Speakmans discover that Ashlea found it difficult to come to terms with her parents divorce when she was seven year old and this is when her OCD started.  Aged 15, Ashlea was diagnosed with OCD. Ashlea believes that 'bad things' will happen if she doesn't repeat her rituals.  
Can The Speakmans reverse Ashlea's thought process?  Will Ashlea be able to let go of the past and fulfil her dreams of starting a family?  
Episode three: Trichotillomania 
Danielle has been suffering from Trichotillomania for the last 18 years, which means that she has a compulsion to pull her hair out. After she has pulled out her hair, she then bites the roots as she loves the crunching sound it makes. Danielle has several bald patches which has caused her to have a serious lack of confidence and she claims that she hasn’t been able to go out with friends or enjoy a social life for a long time.   Danielle is desperate to stop pulling her hair out, and her parents are equally desperate for her to.
In family mediation, the family make an emotional plea in an attempt to help Danielle to overcome her condition.  
In therapy, The Speakmans discover that Danielle was badly bullied at school and as a result she began to pull her hair out.   
Can The Speakmans successfully treat Danielle?  Will Danielle stop pulling her hair out?  Can The Speakmans help Danielle gain back her confidence?
Episode four: Fear of swallowing
Dave is unable to swallow solid food.  In February 2013, Dave had a throat infection and had to have a tooth removed. Later that week, he went out for dinner and choked on bit of meat.  Dave has not been able to swallow solid food since then. His diet consists of soft food: mash potatoes, soup, cheese and milk. Dave is 6ft”2 and weighs ten stone, he’s lost almost four stone in the last year. It can take him 1hr 15’ to eat a bowl of soup. Dave hates how he looks and is desperate to go back to his athletic shape.   
In family mediation, Dave's wife makes an emotional plea to him as she's so worried about his health. Dave admits that his fear of swallowing food is taking over his life. In therapy, The Speakmans discover that Dave has a fear of swallowing food as he almost choked a year ago. Can The Speakmans make him swallow food again?  Will Dave be able to move on and start eating nutritious meals again?
Episode five: Post Traumatic Stress Disorder
Karlette believes she’s suffering from PTSD, although she’s not been formally diagnosed her doctor suggested that she may be suffering from it.  Seven years ago, Karlette was 15 and was brutally attacked by two women. Since the attack, Karlette has lost all of her confidence and has become short tempered.  She relives the attack on a nightly basis and believes that it’s stopping her from living her life to the full. Karlette is a very talented singer and dancer who won a scholarship at a high-end performing arts school, but she’s not been able to perform since the attack.  
During mediation, the family tell Karlette some home truths about how much she has changed since the attack. In an emotional plea, the family tell Karlette that her temper is out of control and that they would do anything to have the old Karlette back. 
In therapy, The Speakmans discover that Karlette's attack has had a huge impact on her behaviour. Karlette struggles on a daily basis as she keeps reliving the attack. The Speakmans attempt to treat Karlette and make her realise that the attack was not her fault.  
Can The Speakmans help Karlette gain back her confidence?   Will Karlette let go of the past and continue to pursue her dream of performing?