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Britain Sees Red: Caught On Camera

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    Thu 23 Jul 2015
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    9.00pm - 10.00pm
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    Week 30 2015 : Sat 18 Jul - Fri 24 Jul
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Angry outbursts, extreme frustration....and total meltdown - all captured on camera, by the people in the middle of the mayhem.
Britain can be a stressful place - and we all lose our cool at some point. Now more than ever, our moments of madness are being caught on camera. From body-cams worn by front line professionals, to smartphones and CCTV, millions of mini-eyewitnesses are recording our explosive episodes.
In this programme, we hear from ordinary consumers pushed over the brink by familiar frustrations. We follow workers on the receiving end of public abuse - traffic wardens, bouncers and bin men - and show footage they’ve filmed themselves, along with shocking CCTV and videos from passers-by and witnesses.
We uncover the stories behind the clips by talking to those who filmed the anger - and those who dished it out - to discover what caused reasonable people to boil over. 
From shocking instances of aggro and abuse, to the all-too-familiar frustrations of delays, queues and call centres, this prograame examines the stresses of modern life, and reveals the triggers that set us off, and send us over the edge.
It doesn't matter who you are - an Average Joe or an A-list celebrity - it seems in modern Britain, we all occasionally see red.