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    Wed 31 Jul 2013
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    Week 31 2013 : Sat 27 Jul - Fri 02 Aug
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Last year five million people in Britain had serious problems with their neighbours. Instead of trying to resolve them in person we now pick up the phone and call the council to do it for us. This eye-opening new series takes us behind the scenes at Birmingham and Enfield Councils from the call-centre to the frontline.  
Anti-social behaviour officers step in to stop neighbourhood arguments spiralling out of control; animal wardens discover pygmy goats in a council flat; and enforcement officers must deal with travellers and Gypsies. 
Thousands of calls flood in every day complaining about everything from noisy neighbours to lost wallets. This is a warm portrait of the work they do dealing with bitter conflicts and surprising friendships. It’s council workers - as you’ve never seen them before. 
We follow the tough decisions they face on a daily basis: should they evict an alcoholic tenant who’s living in squalor or help him get his life back on track? When a Gypsy family parks illegally on council land because their young daughter is ill, what do they do?
They never know what’s behind the front door. When anti-social behaviour officer Vicki Moore is called out to investigate reports of a dog abandoned in a flat she discovers a young mother who just can’t cope and is putting her 3 month year old baby at risk:
“It’s time’s like this that part of me thinks if it wasn’t for the likes of me on the estate God knows what would happen to some of these kids. One minute you’re a social worker, you’re a mental health worker, you’re a dog warden, you’re a child-minder...” Vicki Moore, Anti-Social Behaviour Officer
These are the frontline officers who hold our communities together. Working day and night, solving conflicts, making our neighbourhoods better places to live in.