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Nature Nuts with Julian Clary

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    Sun 02 Aug 2015
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    7.00pm - 8.00pm
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    Week 32 2015 : Sat 01 Aug - Fri 07 Aug
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Since moving to the countryside, Britain’s most beloved camp comedian Julian Clary has become passionate about nature. In a brand new adventure, he goes in search of Britain’s most fanatical wildlife lovers, affectionately referred to as his ‘Nature Nuts’.
Julian travels all over the UK for the three-part series, discovering an extraordinary range of nature fans obsessed by the creatures in their backyards and beyond.  Julian and his expert film crew, boasting some of the UK’s most talented natural history cameramen and women, play fairy godmother to our Nature Nuts by capturing sight of their favourite creatures in ways they’ve never seen before.
With some of the best new technology including starlight, high speed, mini aerial and underwater cameras, the Nature Nuts are given once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to watch their favourite animals in their natural habitat.
Jam-packed with Julian’s trademark humour, Nature Nuts is full of great characters and fantastic wildlife footage. Each week Julian meets four Nature Nuts and finds out about four species of wonderful wildlife in Britain.
In episode one, Julian and the team travel to Walsall in the West Midlands to visit Joan Lockley who runs her very own ‘Hedgehog Hosprickal’. Joan has helped over 5,000 hedgehogs and gets deeply attached to her patients. With the help of expert Dr Richard Yarnell and his technology, Julian and the team are able track the progress of one of Jo’s precious patients after he is released back into the wild. Jo is overwhelmed with emotion at the prospect of tracking her hedgehog’s movements.
Next, the team are on to Lichfield to meet Nature Nut number two, Kate MacRae, who captures the activity of our feathered friends, with numerous cameras placed around her garden and inside her bird boxes, which she streams onto the internet.
The team also visit a quiet bank, filled with holes from badger sets. Despite spending many hours watching the bank in the hope of spotting the badgers, Kate has never caught so much as a glimpse of them.
Together with expert wildlife camerawoman, Justine Evans and some military technology which means her camera can work with just the light of the moon, Julian and Kate head to a tent in the nearby woods to see if they can catch sight of a very elusive family of badgers.
In Stowe Maries, Julian meets Russell Savory and turns his attention to the water vole, a creature that is fast disappearing due to reintroduced mink and loss of habitat. 
In Tyne and Wear, Julian meets otter spotter Kevin O’Hara and then it’s down to Dorset for one final trip to introduce him to retired trout farmer and fellow otter fanatic Stewart Canham.  After capturing footage of otters playing, the last leg of Julian’s journey sees him and Stewart make a trip to a very special otter sanctuary.