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Travel Guides sends five ordinary British households to review some of the worlds most popular tourist destinations, from an all-inclusive in Tenerife to a five star hotel in Dubai, to see what they can really offer an average Brit.
Each week the same households travel to a different destination and experience identical holidays. Narrator Johnny Vegas guides us through the location, while the households give honest and frank reviews about everything on offer - from the accommodation to the food to the activities. 
We’ve all experienced that bad holiday breakfast, dodgy air con system or disappointing day-trip. These amateur critics are here to make sure you remember your next holiday for all the right reasons…
This week the Travel Guides hit Thailand. With miles of tropical beaches and an exotic climate, it attracts over 26 million’s tourists each year to its shores - making it the most popular destination for Brits visiting Asia. But it also has a reputation as being a destination for hedonistic backpackers that is fraught with dangers and annoyances. Our households spend a week on the island of Koh Samui, getting the lowdown on what a holiday there can really offer. 
The trip doesn’t start smoothly for Craig Chapman-Blackwell and Stuart McDonald from Bradford. Hairdresser Craig not only has to battle with mosquitos but also with basic beach hut accommodation. He wants to go home as soon as he arrives - will the ‘land of smiles’ turn his opinion around? Exotic adventurers the Boyles are wowed by the street food available at the markets, while bargain hunter Simon Brearley can’t get enough of how cheap everything is. 
Burnley painter decorator Pete and his wife Linda reveal themselves to be secret ‘Thai Experts’, having travelled to the country 26 times before… but perhaps the biggest surprise is that Glamour Girl Riah finds a new spiritual side on the island – embracing a visit to a local detox spa which offers raw food and coffee enema’s to its guests.