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Gift Wrapped

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    Mon 18 Aug 2014
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    5.00pm - 6.00pm
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    Week 34 2014 : Sat 16 Aug - Fri 22 Aug
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Eamonn Holmes and Ruth Langsford host this fun new daily quiz, Gift Wrapped, which offers three engaged couples the chance to win their wedding gift list, and a dream holiday.
Each day, Gift Wrapped will see three betrothed couples work together across a series of quiz rounds, in order to see off their opposition. 
The first two rounds see the three contesting couples complete lists and answer questions.  Highest scorers are able to unlock an item from their wedding gift list.  The first two couples to unlock all the items from their list go through to the next round and one couple leaves empty-handed.
The remaining two couples then face each other head-to-head. The first couple to secure five correct answers is through to the final, having now also unlocked their holiday. Again, another couple leaves empty-handed.
In the final, the fiancées are separated, and in a tense round, winning will depend upon how well they really know each other – they will need to be able to give answers in the hope their other half can predict what they were talking about. If they succeed, they win their wedding list and the top prize of a dream holiday.
Ruth Langsford said: “We are all real life couples, us and the guests. So as you can imagine, there is more to this show than just questions!” 
Eamonn Holmes added: “We even let the contestants win the prizes they want. They choose their own gift list, but have they got what it takes to win it?”