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    Wed 31 Aug 2016
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    Week 35 2016 : Sat 27 Aug - Fri 02 Sep
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    ITV Encore
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Episode 1
Vera Fors, a mother of two, looses her job and her husband at the same time. The only work she can find is in a small community she’s never heard of, yet she gathers her belongings and the kids and drives off to start fresh in Ängelby. Right before she enters the town, she seemingly hits a boy with her car. In complete shock she concludes the boy is dead. But was it really Vera who killed him? 
Swedish drama starring Mia Skäringer (Vera Fors), Joel Spira (Amos Poe), Göran Ragnerstam (Torsten Huzell), Amanda Ooms (Britt-Louise Vogel), Danilo Bejarano (Daniel Schiller). Created by Tomas Tivemark and Johan Kindblom.