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    Sat 27 Aug 2016
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    7.00pm - 8.00pm
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    Week 35 2016 : Sat 27 Aug - Fri 02 Sep
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Go For It, hosted by Stephen Mulhern, aims to discover the weirdest and most unique skills that our nation has to offer and put them to the test.  Each week our challengers will get the chance to show off to the nation and win £1000 in cash on the spot if they successfully complete their unusual skill on air.
Show One
Dimitar Krika - 41
Skill - Super strong head
Challenge - Smash 10 watermelons on your head in 90 seconds
Sam Goodburn - 21
Skill - Can Unicycle over thin objects
Challenge - Unicycle across 100 wine glasses without breaking them
Callum Hales-Jepp - 20
Skill - Master of the Rubik's cube
Challenge - Complete 6 Rubik's cubes within 4 different disciplines in 3 minutes.
Scott McLay - 47
Skill - Can identify what was number one on any date in the 1980's
Challenge - Name the number one song for ten randomly selected dates of the 80's
Jo Stacey - 43
Skill - Can spell words backwards as fast as she can forward
Challenge - Correctly spell 20 words backwards in 90 seconds 
Lauren Edmunds - 21
Skill - Martial Arts
Challenge - Kick 30 footballs off American football players heads in 60 seconds
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