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Series overview

Inspired by Jane Austen’s unfinished final novel, Sanditon is a compelling depiction of a developing Regency seaside town at the forefront of the great social and economic changes of the age.

When a carriage accident introduces the young Charlotte Heywood to the Parker family, she embarks on a journey from the only home she has ever known to the seaside idyll of Sanditon.

Carried along by the enthusiasm of entrepreneur Tom Parker for the development of the once small fishing village into a fashionable seaside resort, Charlotte quickly finds herself at the heart of a diverse and unexpected community.

From the direct but miserly Lady Denham, on whose fortune the Sanditon project relies, to the bitter fight between the numerous relatives hoping to inherit Lady Denham’s money, Charlotte quickly discovers that not everyone is as they first appear.

With the arrival of a wealthy mixed race heiress, and a succession of hypochondriacs seeking saltwater ‘cures’ flooding in, Charlotte must learn for the first time to navigate the complex social structures evident in the town. 

And then there is Sidney Parker. Handsome, but also the most wild of the Parker brothers, Sidney and Charlotte almost immediately clash.

Charlotte - spirited, open and inexperienced - is tactlessly forthright about Sidney’s family and he is affronted by her stridency and naïve ignorance. With the dark sea stretching out behind them, and the bustle of a regency ball just out of ear-shot, the battle lines of this central, winding and heated romance are drawn.

Amidst the rival suitors and unexpected danger, can Charlotte and Sidney see past each other’s flaws and forge a real relationship? Against the backdrop of Tom’s ambitious vision for the town beginning to crumble, can Sanditon – and Charlotte’s place within it – be saved?

This rich, family saga stretching from the West Indies to the rotting alleys of London, leads us to the heart of a town consumed by class divide, ambition, power play and romance. In Sanditon, Charlotte Heywood comes to discover herself…and ultimately find love.

Episode 1

When a coach accident introduces Charlotte Heywood to Tom and Mary Parker, she quickly seizes the opportunity to throw herself into the adventure she has craved all her life by agreeing to return with them to the developing seaside resort of Sanditon. However, young and naïve Charlotte soon has her father’s warnings ringing in her ears when she discovers that the inhabitants of the town behave in curious and unpredictable ways that she could never have imagined. 

After meeting Tom Parker’s family – including his kind-hearted hypochondriac siblings Diana and Arthur – Charlotte feels she is quite entered into society, particularly when she visits the splendour of Sanditon House. However, Charlotte realises that the morals of Sanditon are far looser than she’s experienced before.

The indomitable Lady Denham – Sanditon’s wealthiest landowner – presides over the town and is the chief investor Tom Parker’s fledgling business enterprise. Sir Edward and Esther Denham hatch a scheme to persuade their wealthy aunt Lady Denham to favour them in her will. But will all go to plan?

Tom Parker eagerly anticipates the arrival of his brother Sidney to Sanditon, hoping that his fashionable friends represent the start of a steady stream of new visitors for his growing seaside resort. But to Tom’s shock, Sidney also brings a staggeringly wealthy mixed-race heiress called Miss Lambe to the town.