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    Week 36 2013 : Sat 31 Aug - Fri 06 Sep
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Series Overview
“From tinned mince to gourmet ready-meals, cheap plonk to cocktails, British tastes have changed a lot over the last 60 years. And my proof? None other than the adverts on telly, beamed into our living rooms.”
In this brand new two-part factual series, Adrian Edmondson journeys through the ‘adland’ archives, discovering how TV ads have reflected the ways Britain has changed over the past 60 years. 
Since the first television commercial hit screens in 1955, adverts have held up a mirror to the world we live in. They reflect how we work, rest and play and illustrate just how Britain is changing, whether it’s what we do in our spare time; the role of women; the break up of the traditional family unit; or what we eat, drink and wear. 
Our dreams, our fears and our aspirations are all to be found in these mini masterpieces.
Episode one:
The first episode of Ade in Adland journeys through the advertising archives to explore the era defining adverts that chart British people’s evolving relationship with food and drink.
From tinned mince to gourmet ready meals, cheap plonk to exotic cocktails, British tastes have changed hugely over the last 60 years. These adverts reveal an explosion of choice as our palettes have become ever more sophisticated.  
This episode shows the transition that advertising has gone through, sometimes even within the same decade. In the early 1960s, drinks commercials portrayed a traditional pint of ale down the male-dominated pub, targeting working class men. 
By the late 1960s, there were an increasing amount of adverts aimed at women who had more and more disposable income. In reality, not many women enjoyed a pint and wine wasn’t readily available in pubs so manufacturers came up with their own alternatives, like Babycham and CherryB. 
These classic ads feature famous faces and memorable characters including: the ‘Look in at the local’ campaign fronted by Bobby Moore; Beryl Reid enjoying M&B beer; the memorable Campari commercials with Lorraine Chase; hit Cinzano ads featuring Joan Collins and Leonard Rossiter; and the unforgettable Smash Martians.
Today’s proliferation of alcohol is a world away from post-war Britain where pubs had a near monopoly on where you could get a drink. 
A marked change in drinking habits came in 1962 when Sainsbury’s became the first supermarket licenced to sell alcohol. A further dent in the popularity of the pub came in 1980 when canned alcohol revolutionised the beer market, allowing people to enjoy a pint in the comfort of their own home. 
Up until the 1960s most housewives shopped every day for whatever fresh food was in season. The arrival of refrigerators and microwaves changed the way people eat, quickly becoming the must-have kitchen appliance. 
The first ever supermarket advert came from Sainsbury’s in 1958. The lure of buying all your groceries under one roof proved irresistible as dual-income households found themselves with less time to shop and cook. 
From the very first fast-food adverts to the increasing popularity of snacking, this episode charts our changing relationship with food and drink, where we get it from and how we consume it.