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    Mon 05 Sep 2016
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    Week 36 2016 : Sat 03 Sep - Fri 09 Sep
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Series overview
BAFTA winning comedy drama Cold Feet returns, reuniting James Nesbitt, Robert Bathurst, Hermione Norris, John Thomson, and Fay Ripley.
The new eight-part series has been produced by ITV Studios owned indie, Big Talk Productions, and executive produced by series creator and writer Mike Bullen, and CEO of Big Talk Productions Kenton Allen. 
The nation’s love affair with Cold Feet began in 1997 when the television audience was first introduced to friends Adam and Rachel, Pete and Jenny, Karen and David. Thirty-three episodes and five series later our favourite couples have earned themselves a place in television history. 
We rejoin the characters in 2016 with stories written and conceived once again by Mike Bullen. 
It’s been over ten years since we last caught up with the lives of Adam, Pete, Jenny, Karen and David and although many things have changed, deep down they haven’t. Older, but not necessarily wiser, the gang are reunited when Adam returns from working abroad to make an announcement but not everyone is as thrilled as he is. 
Pete and Jenny have their own worries. Victims of the economic downturn, working two jobs to make ends meet, Pete is losing his zest for life. Jenny’s work as an Events Organiser is hardly raking it in. The only couple to have stood the test of time, theirs is a marriage set in stone, one which others aspire to, isn’t it?
Meanwhile, David’s marriage to his divorce Lawyer, Robyn (Lucy Robinson) has run its course. His professional life also leaves a lot to be desired and David is all too aware of the bright young things in the office ready to jump into his swivel chair. As the pressure of work and his expensive lifestyle mounts, can David retain his professional status without resorting to dirty tricks? 
Karen on the other hand appears sorted; her marriage to David well behind her, she’s successfully climbed the ladder at work and raised three children almost singlehandedly. But it won’t be too long before the kids fly the nest and at work she’s hit a glass ceiling. So what’s next? Content and confident, Karen stopped looking for love years ago, but the question is; has love stopped looking for her?
As the series develops we follow the highs and lows of these much loved characters as they, like us, continue to find their way in life.  
Creator of Cold Feet, Mike Bullen, said: “This feels like the right time to revisit these characters, as they tip-toe through the minefield of middle age. They’re 50, but still feel 30, apart from on the morning after the night before, when they really feel their age. They’ve still got lots of life to look forward to, though they’re not necessarily the years one looks forward to!”
Cold Feet will also introduce viewers to actor and Radio 1 presenter, Ceallach Spellman who plays Matthew, the teenage son of Adam and Rachel. Other actors joining with significant roles include Leanne Best, Karen David, Art Malik, James Bolam and Robert Webb. 
Filmed on location in Manchester the new series has been directed by Terry McDonough, Juliet May and Jamie Jay Johnson and produced by Rebecca Ferguson. 
Episode 1
Episode one sees the gang reunited when Adam (James Nesbitt) returns to Manchester after years of working abroad. 
Whilst Adam travelled the world on business, his 15 year-old-son, Matthew (Ceallach Spellman) chose boarding school and, under the guardianship of Godmother, Karen (Hermione Norris), has turned into a well-adjusted young man, or so it seems. 
It breaks Karen’s (Hermione Norris) heart to see what Rachel is missing out on, and unlike Adam, she’s not fooled by Matt’s bravado. What this kid needs more than anything right now is his Dad.  
Pete (John Thomson) and Jenny (Fay Ripley) are down on their uppers. With two teenagers to support, Pete’s juggling two jobs; cabbie and home-help, and Jenny’s work in Events Management at a grand hotel is hardly bringing home the bacon. Fast approaching 50, mortgaged up to the eyeballs, Pete is understandably miserable but is pleased to see his best again.
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