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The Family Chase

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    Sat 02 Sep 2017
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    6.00pm - 7.00pm
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    Week 36 2017 : Sat 02 Sep - Fri 08 Sep
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Bradley Walsh fronts The Family Chase, a Saturday tea-time version of the international hit game show, which is now made in more than 10 countries.
Each show features a different family trying to stay one step ahead of the chaser for the opportunity to win a cash pot worth thousands.
The four contestants will each answer a series of general knowledge questions as they attempt to get their tactics right and make it into the final chase, where they will then face the chaser once again for the chance to walk away with the prize.
Chasers Anne ‘The Governess’ Hegerty, Mark ‘The Beast’ Labbett, Shaun ‘The Dark Destroyer’ Wallace, Paul ‘The Sinnerman’ Sinha and Jenny ‘The Vixen’ Ryan will be doing their best to ensure they leave with nothing. 
Host Bradley said: “Let four members of a family loose on The Chase and you get The Family Chase. What we quickly discovered was that families aren't frightened to say what they mean and mean what they say. Imagine anything you've said to your family whilst you're watching our show, in the privacy of your front room, well, these families take it into the studio. There’s none of the usual ‘just come back, we want you in the final chase’ it’s ‘if you go low, you can forget Christmas at my house’. If the Walsh family appeared as a team, that’s exactly what we'd say. There'd be no soft soaping that's for sure!
“I loved making The Family Chase, and with this twist on the format you'll love it too!” 
The Chasers Q&A
What did you feel was different with The Family Chase show?
Anne: “It's a very different energy, mainly because instead of being four strangers it's people who know each other. There's a lot more interaction between contestants, and lots of barracking from the back during the head-to-head!”
Jenny: “There was certainly a different 'buzz' around the studio from the get-go. You can often almost feel the nerves of the daytime contestants who have only just met each other...the family shows had a different nervous atmosphere, perhaps because the teams were extra anxious about not letting each other down, and also perhaps because they've all been winding each other up into an excited frenzy for the weeks before recording!”
Paul: “Well the Chasers are no different to usual - preening, narcissistic overly competitive fact-monsters. The difference is our opponents. They are a long-standing unit, who know each other’s strengths and weaknesses and will have come with a plan.” 
Were there any points when you thought you may be in trouble and 'outrun’? 
Jenny: “One family had definitely based their team around the strongest player - he was an excellent quizzer AND his strengths were around my weaker subjects, so I knew my work was cut out.”
Who have you found to be the trickiest - mums, dads, sons, nans?  
Anne: “The kids are likely to be fast on the buzzer and know their pop culture. The dads know the classic quiz stuff, but can be out buzzed by their children jumping in to pass! Mums and nans are the ones being cautious about the offers: 'Don't go high!'”
Jenny: “I think the trickiest combinations on the teams are brothers and sisters of any age - because of the sibling rivalry they are always trying to prove a point. I faced a family from Essex which included a grown-up brother and sister - they were throwing more insults at each other than Brad's had hot dinners!”
Mark: “Nans. They know weird stuff.”
Paul: “I don't think that there is a ‘trickiest’ as such, but it is the dad that I feel sorry for. He has spent his whole life with the firm belief that he is the wisest in the family, and now he has to step up.”
What would your family be like on The Family Chase?  Who of your family would make the strongest team on the Family Chase?
Anne: “My brother unexpectedly turned up to the World Quizzing Championships in June, and did very respectably. I reckon he and my sister-in-law would be pretty useful. Their twins have just graduated from university, so right now they naturally believe they know everything.” 
Jenny: “I come from a very ‘quizzy’ family so I think they would be formidable! My mum would definitely be the base for the team, probably with some combination of her siblings - all of them have played on our quiz league team with ‘The Governess’ at some point!” 
Mark: “My family would win - easy. My two brothers are both high quality quizzers and my wife, my oldest niece and my sisters-in-law are all highly educated and intelligent women. Only Paul Sinha would stand a chance against them.”
What advice would you give other families who are thinking of taking part?
Shaun: “Believe in your own ability both individually and collectively as a team and don't allow the somewhat alien environment of the studio and the bright lights intimidate you.”
Jenny: “You have the golden opportunity to come up with your dream team, so think about your strengths and weaknesses. It's all very well having four players who are great at science and history, but what happens when you get thrown a question about fashion, soaps or Harry Potter? Try and cover all your bases.”
Is there a family from history who you'd like to be up against/ or not up against?
Anne: “What a good question! I think you could make a scary team out of four Hanoverian women, Sophia, Electress of Hanover, and three of her relatives; her niece Liselotte who married Louis XIV's brother, her daughter the Queen of Prussia, and her granddaughter-in-law Queen Caroline of England. They all knew the mathematician Leibniz, all surrounded themselves with artists, writers and philosophers, and would be seriously hard to beat in a pub quiz. They'd probably even make a good fist of the pop music round.”
Jenny: “Cheating slightly, a cheeky combination of Romantic families would be really interesting! The original science fiction author Mary Shelley, her poet husband Percy, their notorious friend Lord Byron, and his daughter Ada Lovelace, the mathematician and pioneer of computing.” 
Mark: “The McWhirter twins who compiled the Guinness book of records would have been formidable. The Dodding family from Peterborough have two brothers who are both nationally ranked. I fear nobody though.”