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Gino’s Italy: Like Mamma Used To Make

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    Sun 04 Sep 2022

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    7.30pm - 8.00pm

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    Week 36 2022 : Sat 03 Sep - Fri 09 Sep

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    Thu 25 Aug 2022

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Gino’s Italy: Like Mamma Used To Make

Series overview

Gino D’Acampo returns to his motherland to learn more from the Mammas of Italy for this brand new six-part ITV series.

In a personal food odyssey, Gino will be travelling the length and breadth of Italy from Naples to Arezzo and Bologna, to encounter local dishes from families and their matriarchs along the way.

The series celebrates the women who have fed Italy and shaped the country’s cuisine through the ages. Starting in his place of birth where he learnt to cook in the kitchens of his Nonna Flora and Mamma Alba, Gino is going back to his roots to celebrate all the women whose kitchens have fuelled Italy through their incredible food.

With recipes including Pasta al Genovese, Steak Fiorentine and Aubergine Parmigiana, Gino will have his work cut out to keep up with the women running the kitchens which he visits.

Episode 1

Gino kicks off his culinary travels in his birthplace, Torre Del Greco, nestled at the base of the mighty Mount Vesuvius and edged by the azure seas of the Gulf of Naples.

Gino is reunited with two of his mother’s sisters – his aunts Rita and Lina and his niece Martina. Over their kitchen table they produce an old family photo album full of Gino’s baby photos and delight in embarrassing him with family anecdotes and memories of his childhood.

Gino takes on the role of sous chef as he helps Lina prepare his absolute favourite dish, Pasta alla Genovese. It’s a labour of love, as it takes hours to slow cook the beef and the secret is in the onions. As the women boss Gino around and tell him to stop talking and get on with it, he explains: “Can you see why I love these women? They keep you on your toes!”

Revelling in the joy of the women in the D’Acampo clan, Gino suggests they plan a party in honour of his eldest aunt – Clara, known as the godmother of the family.

Gino is inspired to recreate his mamma’s linguine with mussels and jumps on his moped to go shopping for ingredients, joined by another much loved cousin, Maria Chiara.

After a quick coffee stop, they visit the Pizza place that Gino loved as a child, Il Fornaretto, and reminisce about Pizza Escarole, which he was allowed to buy once a week as a treat.

They ride down to the harbour in search of fresh fish at the bustling market and bump into a friend who is married to another of Gino’s cousins. Then, armed with bags of juicy mussels, Gino cooks his Mamma’s Sunday night signature dish, the mussels with linguine and cherry tomatoes, by the beach they visited every weekend as a family.