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    Week 36 2017 : Sat 02 Sep - Fri 08 Sep
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    Sat 02 Sep 2017
Show 1
Fresh from his acting debut in Dunkirk, Harry Styles will be joining Jonathan and will perform a brand new single from his number 1 album.
Guests joining the famous sofa include Olympic legend, Sir Mo Farah, in his first interview since his track retirement. BAFTA TV award winning actress, Suranne Jones, will also join the show ahead of the eagerly anticipated return of drama, Doctor Foster. Plus, hilarious star of comedy and TV, John Bishop, will also be joining Jonathan for a chat. 
SIR MO FARAH speaks to Jonathan in his first interview since retiring from track racing. He opens up about his final race being his closest win yet and why he is looking forward to a “fresh start” in a new sport. He also admits he has the royal seal of approval from the Queen to give up track racing
SURANNE JONES speaks about the eagerly anticipated return of Doctor Foster and how she would not give her husband the same chances her character did
JOHN BISHOP speaks about interviewing Katie Price and why comedy remains his first love
Plus HARRY STYLES performs a song from his number one album
The Jonathan Ross Show is back for a brand new series. On the first show, which airs on Saturday at 9.30pm on ITV, Jonathan will be joined by Olympic legend, Sir Mo Farah, in his first interview since his track retirement; award winning actress, Suranne Jones; and star of comedy and TV, John Bishop. Pop superstar, Harry Styles, also performs a song from his number one album and takes on a special challenge together with all of the guests. 
Fresh from breaking out some moves at Notting Hill Carnival, dancing police man, PC Dan, escorted guests out to the sofa.
One of the greatest athletes of all time, Sir Mo Farah, joined the sofa for his first interview since his track retirement. 
Mo spoke to Jonathan about running in the Diamond League, his last ever track race which saw his closest win ever: “It was pretty close. It’s never been that close but it was close that race. I just remember thinking in the last lap, I can’t have anyone past me and then with 100 metres to go, they all came for me and I just remember digging in, digging in and throwing myself across the line.”
Mo also spoke to Jonathan about his last World Championship competition in London. He won gold in the 10,000 metre competition and silver in the 5,000 metre race.
On not winning two gold medals, Mo said: “As an athlete, you always want to win each race you go into. For me, it would have been the perfect end in terms of my career, thinking [what] I did at London 2012 and then to come back 2017, have the World Championship, do the double and call it a day. I did try my best and the 10k did take a lot out of me having run four seconds outside of my personal best which is hard… The guys were working as a team. You had the Kenya, Uganda, Ethopia [runners], every country after me and it was the toughest race of my life. Definitely, the Ethiopians, the Kenyans and Ugandans definitely work as a team… The last six years they’ve been trying to beat me.”
Mo spoke about another competitor, Muktar Edris, who performed Mo’s famous ‘Mobot’ when he overtook him in a race recently. Mo said: “At the time, I thought, ‘Oh my God, he didn’t just do that did he?’ It felt like [he was just rubbing it in] but when we went back to the press conference, we sat back and he was like, that was to me, basically showing respect for over the years all that I’ve done for the sport and what I’ve achieved for myself. I thought it was a nice thing. At the time, I thought, I got beat and he’s doing the Mobot. He is a fan and over the years I’ve competed with him, I used to look up to so many people when I was growing up and I always wanted to run with them and be around them. It must be annoying, I wouldn’t want to lose all the time, I’m a sore loser.”
Mo admitted he hated coming anything but first: “My family has been through a lot and they know it. When you know you gave your all and it wasn’t quite good enough. I’m a sore loser. I hate losing… Over the six years, I’ve won a lot and it’s been hard with the pressure and having a target on your back is never an easy thing. It’s difficult but as an athlete I just want to keep winning and I just enjoy what I do.”
Jonathan asked Mo if he would ever run for fun, rather than only when he is competing.
“No I wouldn’t do that,” Mo admitted, “Once I stop, I stop… I can’t see myself sitting on the sofa and chilling with my feet up but I’ll probably do something when I stop running… My wife started jogging, she got the taste of it, she started competing and she’s running everywhere now.”
Mo spoke about moving on from track racing to his new focus, marathon running: “I want to go into the marathons fresh, a new Mo, new start and forget about what I’ve achieved on the track. Over the years it’s been difficult, it’s been hard and it’s not an easy thing having that pressure and just constantly having that each year. It’s completely different. Different focus, different distance, different training. 26.2 miles is a long way and I’ll definitely have to increase my training in terms of value. I need a new challenge, a new start.”
On whether he would change his name to his full name, Mohammed, for his new marathon competitions he said: “Everybody knows me as Mo and that’s my name and it always will be. The reason I said that was, [I don’t want people] to expect that Mo is going to win everything, year after year. I want to go in as a new person, new start, it’s a fresh start and forget about everything I have achieved because what I have achieved is not going to help me in the marathon. Yes I have titles but it’s not going to help me cross the line.”
Mo also spoke about meeting the Queen and becoming a Sir. He said he even has her royal seal of approval to stop track racing and move on to something new. On meeting her, he said: “Prince Harry was there - he’s a great character, he’s always up for a laugh, he’s a good lad and I remember Harry saying to the Queen, ‘He’s stopping [running].’ And she goes, ‘Mo, why are you stopping?’ And I’m like, ‘I’ve done enough on the track.’ And she was like, ‘Leave him, he has done far too much running.’ She kind of knew who I was, I was surprised.”
“So by royal approval, you can stop running?” Jonathan asked.
“I can stop, yes,” Mo smiled.
Mo also spoke about his plans to move back to the UK after living in America. On his reasons, he said: “Trump doesn’t help does he? That’s not the reason though, the reason is I miss it, we have all the family everyone here and I’ve never seen my kids so happy and family means everything and hanging around family and being here in the UK is easier. London is where I grew up and I can’t wait to come back. I miss the football.”
Mo is the only British man to ever beat ‘The Cube’ in the ITV show which sees someone take on a series of difficult challenges. Harry Styles, Suranne, John and Mo all had a go at taking on one of the challenges, Expulsion, which saw them removing red balls from a box. [Pictures available from REX}
Award winning actress, Suranne Jones, joined Jonathan to speak about all things Doctor Foster ahead of the drama’s eagerly anticipated return.
On whether she thought it would be such a hit when it aired two years ago, she admitted she was shocked: “I was a bit because when I read the script and took the part on, I thought that infidelity might be a niche subject and I didn’t think that people would want to tune in to their droves to look at people cheating, but they do.”
In the first series, Suranne’s character confronts her cheating husband who has been having an affair for two years with a younger woman. Speaking of her own relationship, Suranne said she wouldn’t give her husband Laurence the same chance to tell the truth as her character does in the show: “I certainly wouldn’t give my husband, sorry Laurence, the opportunity for us to move on. Not [after] two years. He had a whole separate life going on in the show. I think I’m clean cut, if you want to be with someone else, be with someone else.”
“The interesting thing is, in the show she looks at emails and she looks at phones and everything that’s meant to be private but a lot of people admitted going through phones and passwords, checking and all that kind of stuff,” she said of how the public reacted to her characters actions.
When asked if she was concerned about bringing it back for another series after it was so successful first time around, Suranne admitted: “Yes totally. I write a bit myself, I’m in development, I’ve had a go at producing and I love TV. I’m a TV lover, so it was done for me and I didn’t want to bring something back because it was a whole story and then when we sat down and Mike [Bartlett, the writer] said, ‘What about a story about two people who are divorced, who really hate each other who still have to parent a child, how do you navigate that situation?’ You can never split up is the point. Because they did have a great relationship, there’s a lot of unresolved sexual energy and we all know if you have exes, and if you meet an ex again, when you see each other again… all those feelings. I think again it’s uncomfortable… You’ve got a very uncomfortable blended family in series two.”
On what viewers can expect from series two, Suranne said: “It’s a different show… Mike calls it a modern western - Is this planet big enough for the both of us?... It’s very different and it’s very dark and it’s very sexy and it’s very tense.”
Suranne spoke about how she planks to keep fit and did it to get in shape for the role as Doctor Foster. Jonathan and John Bishop have a go at planking each other, impressing Suranne and the audience! [Pictures available from REX]
Comedian, John Bishop, joined the show and spoke to Jonathan about interviewing Katie Price and why despite all of his success, comedy is still his first love.
Speaking about continuing to love performing stand up and comedy, he said: “It’s the first love. It’s a lovely, lovely thing and it’s the thing you can never get bored of.”
John - who continues to tour - said he keeps performing to stay happy: “We live on a two week cycle in our house so if I go away for two weeks, it’s too long. And if I’m home for two weeks, it’s too long. And if I’m home for two weeks, Melanie [wife] sends me out to do a gig. I don’t think that I’m getting grumpy but she thinks I’m getting grumpy… It’s three years since I did the last tour… Being on stage, telling jokes and telling stories is where I feel the most at home.”
John hosts a TV show called ‘In Conversation With…’ where he interviews famous people in a conversational style. On why he loves doing the show, he explained to Jonathan: “I remember coming on your show when I first started and to be honest with you, your show made a massive, massive impact on my career. I was on tour at the time doing little venues and literally the week after, the sales went up so you kind of got a sense that if you’re represented properly on something, it can make a big deal… The idea of being on a show and having a chat, that’s one thing but I wanted to do something where you’d have one person and talk. It’s basically what people do.”
When Jonathan asks if he was surprised by any guests, John said: “We’ve just edited the Katie Price show and like everybody else, I’ve got an idea of Katie Price but when you sit down with her and you talk for an hour, you find a completely different person with a different narrative.”