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    Wed 02 Sep 2015
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    Week 36 2015 : Sat 29 Aug - Fri 04 Sep
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Series overview
A new observational documentary series for ITV reveals the reality behind the policing of one of Britain’s most vibrant cities.
Brighton, with its seaside location and fun reputation, attracts more than eight million visitors a year. With unique access to Brighton’s main police station, the three part series follows the officers as they fight to keep law and order in a city with a quarter of a million residents.
From Divisional Commander, Nev Kemp, to the detectives and officers on patrol, the films follow the daily working lives of the staff at Brighton Nick.
The series was filmed over the Summer of 2014 by Renegade Pictures. Series Producer Ashok Prasad says: “With a cast of engaging officers and detectives, The Nick is the real-life Bill / Hill Street Blues, and it tells the intimate story of what it’s really like to work in a modern police station.” 
Each episode tells the story of a few days at the Nick as investigations unfold - from initial call-outs to arrest, from briefings to raids. 
In different episodes we follow the search for a sexual predator who's been breaking into women's homes at night, the tracking down of a heroin-addicted serial conman who's been targeting the elderly in their own homes and the aftermath of a serious glassing where a man nearly lost his life. 
The cameras follow the officers as they plan and execute a raid on a drugs' den, the break-up of a brothel and a suspected suspicious death where all is not as it seems. Meanwhile - members of the public sign on at the front desk, drunks are moved on and sex toys and drugs are booked into the property store.
Episode 1
In the first programme officers are seen dealing with a dangerous prowler preying on lone women, a raid on a drugs den and the aftermath of a bloody glassing after a Friday night fracas.
At the daily CID briefing Detective Sergeant Julie Greenwood briefs her team on an incident where a woman alone at home at night found a man standing in her front room. When the woman challenged him, he fled from the property. Officers believe the prowler is linked to an incident the previous week when a young woman awoke to find a man sexually touching her in bed.
A potential suspect is raised who fits the description given at both incidents. He’s a rapist recently released from prison, and is living close to one of the victims. The officers need to arrest him and put him on an ID parade.
 While Julie’s team are handling the investigation into the prowler, the cameras follow other officers as they plan a major operation to carry out a night time raid on a drugs den to catch a drug dealer. Intelligence has indicated more than 200 bags of heroin are in the property.
After securing a warrant to enter the property, the officers have to carry out a comprehensive risk assessment to ensure their own safety. Detective Sergeant Dee Wells says two of the main reasons officers want to do the job is to “nick burglars and drug dealers, to get people off the streets and catch them in the act”. 
The officers’ investigations reveal a previous firearm incident at the address. The raid on the drugs den has to be postponed until the following morning because it is considered too dangerous without the help of specially trained officers.
With specially trained officers the raid on the drugs den can go ahead. The cameras follow the officers as they break into the flat. Once the three occupants have been removed, the team conduct a thorough search of the property. They don’t find the heroin they expected, however they do uncover a large quantity of other drugs, enough to charge the occupants with possession with intent to supply.
The officers are also called to raid a flat connected to a gang of money launderers. The flat is empty but their search reveals a huge haul of cocaine with a potential value of £60,000.
Out on the busy streets of Brighton on a Saturday night officers are trying to keep control of the revellers. 
One man has had a glass smashed on his head, and has to go to hospital. At first he tells police he has no idea of who attacked him, or why. As the investigation continues it appears there’s a previous fracas that the man is involved in that evening. However an extensive trawl through CCTV fails to reveal any evidence of the incident. With no forensic evidence either it is one crime which has to be filed undetected.