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LAURA TROTT AND JASON KENNY speak future plans and being the Golden Couple of the Olympics
THE TEAM GB GOLD WINNING HOCKEY TEAM speak about their Olympic gold surprise and Captain Kate Richardson-Walsh reveals she’ll be hanging up her hockey sticks
RENEE ZELLWEGER speaks about her six year break from making movies and why she loves being back as Bridget
PATRICK DEMPSEY is treated to a McDreamy tribute
JON MALKOVICH opens up about his childhood and his career
AISLING BEA talks about turning to acting from comedy
And a music performance from Tom Odell
On the first in a brand new series of The Jonathan Ross Show, Jonathan is joined by the Olympics’ golden couple, Laura Trott and Jason Kenny. Fresh from winning gold in Rio, the Team GB Hockey team join the sofa alongside the stars of Bridget Jones Baby, Renee Zellweger and Patrick Dempsey. Hollywood icon, Jon Malkovich also joins the sofa alongside actress and comedian, Aisling Bea. Tom Odell also performs.
The stars of Team GB joined the sofa, fresh from the Olympics in Rio, to talk about their golden successes and their futures in sport.
Golden Couple, Laura Trott and Jason Kenny, joined the show and spoke about winning Olympic gold and looking ahead to their future together. 
The couple, who have been engaged since 2014, spoke about the interest in their relationship and upcoming wedding plans. Laura said: “After London 2012 [the interest in us as a couple] kind of kickstarted so I guess we have got used to it a little bit, especially at the World Championships. I guess there's more of a focus, I guess it’s more embarrassing than anything else.”
Speaking about a picture of the two of them kissing that appeared in the media in 2012, Laura laughed embarrassed, “I’m sorry dad! It was a [surprise] we were a bit stupid really. [Our relationship] was not a secret. Everybody who we cared about and had a day to day relationship with knew but we didn’t want the distraction before [London 2012]. The Olympics is such a huge part of our lives, it literally takes over, so we didn’t want any distraction, people saying ‘Will it be a golden couple?’ We didn’t want that.”
And on a tweet Laura sent recently about their future children having good genes, she said: “I regret that tweet. It was funny, I sent it out because I was like people are going to retweet this, I’ll get more followers. [I just tweeted] that our kids would have good genes. They will though won’t they!” She added that the pair aren’t planning on children yet, though: “No not just yet, we can barely look after ourselves,” she laughed.
Speaking about supporting each other at Rio, Jason said: “I wanted Laura to do well but at the end of the day we’d hopefully still be together had we not done well. It’s nice to enjoy it together.”
Looking ahead to the next Olympics in 2020, Laura said she hopes to get back in the team: “Hopefully. The way British cycling works, I’ve got to get back in the team so after having a break you never know I might be sidelined. There’s so many girls coming through now the sport is just getting bigger and bigger.”
Laura also revealed that Jason isn’t as speedy in real life as he is on a bike, joking that he is often running late: “In typical Jason fashion, we had to leave [five] minutes later than the set time tonight so we were late and we didn’t have time to go back and get [our medals]. They’re abandoned,” she joked.
She added: “You know when he’s got good form right because he takes literally forever to walk, you’re pushing him round the supermarket!” 
Jason defended: “I don’t like walking, I don’t like rushing either. I do tend to be a bit relaxed on timing. But I’m bizarrely competitive on a bike… I like car racing and I like motorbikes things like that, anything fast… As long as I don’t have to support my own body weight, I like going fast.”
Speaking about celebrating their gold medals, Laura admitted the pair didn’t go out fine dining but instead opted for an old favourite: “We’re boring. We just went back to the athletes village and ate pizza all night. I actually wanted McDonalds but Jason took too long to get ready so…” She laughed.
Looking ahead to their wedding, Laura said: “No [date set]. Not yet. [It’ll be] soon hopefully. We’ve been engaged for a while now but we had that hurdle in the way…” she said, referring to the games in Rio. Jonathan presented the couple with a tandem ‘Just Married’ bike much to their amusement. [Pictures available]
Kate Richardson-Walsh, Holly Webb and Maddie Hinch from the gold winning Team GB hockey team also joined the sofa.
Speaking about their surprise gold win, captain Kate said: “We believed that we had what it took but it was an absolute rollercoaster. 11th in the World Championships out of 12 was a real low point so we were turning it around slowly and we knew we had what it took in the squad it just had to all come together at the right moment.”
Holly added: “During the Olympics we weren’t on social media so we had no idea what was going off back home but the support we’ve had and the messages we’ve had from people have just been overwhelming…”
Goalkeeper Maddie added, “We tried to create ourselves our own little bubble. Social media has a huge amount of positives, we really could have tried to build a platform for putting hockey out there but we actually decided to just let the hockey do the talking and we said if we play well then I’m sure our following will grow and we’ll get people on board. In the end we managed to put on a bit of a show and it turns out nine million people watched that final.”
Speaking about how they plan ahead of games, Maddie shared her secret: “My little black book that has no numbers in. I basically came up with a game plan. At the top level everyone’s very good and you have to find those extra one percenters that can give you an edge in those moments so I make sure I do my homework and I just basically came up with a plan of what those guys might do under pressure. Under pressure, people resort to their strengths 99 percent of the time and they did… They did and thankfully that worked out for us.”
On her own mantra, she said she always reminds herself to “stay big.” “Just look and act and feel big. Everything about me. I’m not exactly the biggest goalkeeper in the world so I have to work hard on making myself feel as if I’m covering that whole goal and that when the opposition look at me they are daunted by me so it’s the way I carry myself… I want shoulders back, chin up, I walk around like I’ve got a bit of a swagger and it makes me feel good about myself and if I’m walking around with a strut, I tend to save more than not.”
On scoring the winning goal that secured the team a gold medal, Holly said she was “quite surprised.” “There are 31 of us that train and every single one of those girls has got a part in this medal that we’ve got.”
On how the perception of the sport has changed, Kate said: “It’s definitely gone a long way from jolly hockey sticks. When I started playing we were playing in men’s polo shirts, massive woollen skirts and now it’s just a real professional, fast paced, really exciting, thrilling game. The penalties themselves are just so exciting.”
Revealing that she will be quitting international sport, Kate said: “There’s the World Championships coming up in London in 2018 so that’ll be the focus for the squad carrying on but it’s time to hang up the international stick for me. I’m going over to Holland to play domestic hockey over there so that’ll be a good challenge. I think it’s time for me, time for the squad. I’ve been captain for 13 years, I think it’s time for some new blood to come through.” Visibly emotional, she said: “Don’t be making me cry.”
Holly said of her captain: “She was one of my inspirations when I was growing up. I know I’ve said this to her before, she finds it quite embarrassing, but I was at primary school when the Sydney Olympics were on… That was the first Olympic games I watched and I just got glued to the TV and got goosebumps and Kate and Helen [Richardson-Walsh] both played in that Olympic games and so those two have been an inspiration to me, especially Kate because she is a defender and I’m a defender. She has just been an inspiration throughout my whole hockey career and I can’t believe that I’ve even played with her let alone won a gold medal with her, so she’s a living legend.”
Kate spoke about her relationship and being part of one of the only openly same sex couples competing in the Olympics with wife, Helen: “It’s a bit strange for us because for us, it’s just normal life, it's just who we are, it’s part of our daily lives. Same with the squad and the staff, everyone’s just really comfortable with it they, know when we’re at hockey we’re Kate and Helen, two separate hockey players professionally then when we’re away we’re a couple.”
Oscar winning actress, Renee Zellweger, joined the sofa alongside Bridget Jones’ Baby co-star and Grey’s Anatomy heartthrob, Patrick Dempsey.
Speaking about her six year break from acting, Renee opened up about how and why she spent a break away from the spotlight: “There were a lot of things, mainly I just wanted to shift my focus a little bit and keep some promises that I had made to myself a long time ago. There are some things that I wanted to learn and see if I had aptitude for. I wanted to go back to school I wanted to do things that you can’t really make time for when you’re in the cycle of making films because if you’re not preparing for one, then you’re preparing for another and while you’re filming you’ll be getting ready to start what comes next. I had to just commit to breaking that cycle for a little bit so that I could grow as a person. I was boring myself, you know. I’m really lucky with the people that I work with, we are like minded but it was time.”
On whether she found this time as fulfilling as she had hoped, the star said: “Yes very much so, I learned a lot. And I think I grew a lot and I think it’s important if you’re in this business, if you want to be a storyteller, you have to have the experiences to draw from and I needed to go ahead and have a little life that didn’t have something to do with a character that I was playing or researching, you know.” 
Jonathan asked if she found she could be anonymous during this time: “Yes actually. When you go away and you’re out of people’s consciousness, they stop noticing you. It’s fantastic, you order your coffee and you get a coffee and leave. It’s really nice because I’d meet people authentically, you’d have authentic conversations on the street and I enjoyed that, that’s something that I had missed.”
On choosing between the two leading men in the film, Renee said: “That’s what is really fun about playing this character, you don’t have to choose you kind of show up for work and they’re both there every day,” she giggled.
On Hugh Grant - who famously played Daniel Cleaver in the previous films - Renee said the pair stayed in touch: “We check in now and again and I ran into him at an event in Los Angeles.”
Patrick said, “I hope he comes to the premiere, I have an extra ticket I can invite him.”
Legend of screen and stage, Jon Malkovich, also joined the show, starting by reading out a series of genuine tweets in tribute to Dempsey’s famous character dubbed Dr McDreamy including, ‘I would just like to know how Patrick Dempsey is old enough to be my dad, yet he’s hot’ and ‘I just want to lick Patrick Dempsey’s teeth’ to much applause. Patrick also got a chance to show off his juggling skills later in the show [Pictures available].
Speaking of his more romantic characters, Jon Malkovich said he doesn’t tend to get romantic roles now and said he probably wouldn’t look for a role in a romcom like Bridget Jones. “Honestly, at my age, not so much. Ten years ago or 20 years ago, sure.”
Despite his remarkable career - which includes directly film and stage and getting involved in interesting collaborations - Jon said he doesn’t tend to think of himself or how he is received. “I never think of myself... I think of what I have to do today or tomorrow, I think about what do I want to achieve, but I don’t think much of how I would be thought of, what I’m thought to do. I started directing the same age as I started acting, I was in university, I’ve always directed, I never really directed many movies, I only directed one and then three short films… because I get all of that cr*p producing movies so directing a movie doesn’t have an enormous appeal for me but I’ve always directed, I’ve written, I’ve designed, I’ve done a lot of different things but I always just think of the task in hand.”
Renee admitted she would like to direct at some point: “Yeah sure, I thought about it, I had explored directing a project at one point, there’s a lot of elements that have to come together, it has to be really right before you go forward with it or else you’re rowing a boat with holes in it from the get go but maybe some time. I love storytelling in pretty much any capacity so it could be fun.”
Speaking about his childhood, Jon said: “I was overweight, very violent… Maddie [Hinch, the hockey player in the green room] who they call Mad Dog, I have a slight bone to pick with her because that was actually my nickname when I was small.”
“My family locked the doors and windows of the house and they would stand at various doors and windows frothing at the mouth and chanting ‘Mad dog, mad dog’ while I would be beating my head against a tree or banging it against the side walk or whatever so that was me,” he smiled.
On whether his was a happy childhood, he said: “I don’t know that it ever troubled me. I think what my father tried to get through to me is that it probably should trouble me, meaning that I should have troubled myself. Once for Halloween we had a big contest in our little town and the winner of the Halloween costume would get 50 silver dollars and normally I was so big I was, whatever six feet, 180 pounds when I was like in the third grade so I had to always dress as Frankenstein. But this year I got very very obsessed about winning these 50 silver dollars so I whined and cried and stomped and moaned about it long enough that my father said he would do the costume so he decided to make me a Cyclops, Kind of just in a giant sheet because that really is the only thing that would fit me and then he drew what he kind of maintained was a Cyclops eye on my head but really it was a third eye, sort of Buddhist style. But it was his way of saying you should take a look at yourself I think. But I didn’t get it. I didn’t win the contest.”
Actor and comedian, Aisling Bea, joined the sofa and spoke about auditioning in LA since taking the leap from comedy into more acting. “I love it... it is romantic but it’s an odd [place]. I gig there when I’m there I do a lot of standup and that’s nice because you create a little community for yourself because during the day you’re just going from casting to casting and it can be a little bit [hard]… You have to be realistic when you’re over there.”
On her role in the new series of The Fall, Aisling said: “It’s great because the director took a real chance… I’d done so much comedy so for him [the director] to decide that I wasn’t just a comedian that I could just actually do the part was really special. It’s not the biggest part in the world but I loved it.”