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The Suspicions of Mr Whicher

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    Beyond The Pale
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    Sun 07 Sep 2014
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    9.05pm - 11.00pm
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    Week 37 2014 : Sat 06 Sep - Fri 12 Sep
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Tenacious ‘private inquiry agent’ Jack Whicher, played by Paddy Considine, returns 
Tenacious ‘private inquiry agent’ Jack Whicher, played by Paddy Considine, returns to ITV with two new stories in The Suspicions of Mr Whicher series from Hat Trick Productions.
Set against the backdrop of mid Victorian England and inspired by the real life career of celebrated 19th century detective Jonathan ‘Jack’ Whicher, the (2 x 120’) films – Beyond the Pale and The Ties That Bind –  are  directed by David Blair (Accused, Bert
& Dickie, Best Laid Plans,) and Geoffrey Sax (Endeavour, Christopher and His Kind and Tipping the Velvet) and written by award‐winning playwright Helen Edmundson, celebrated for her work ‐ including Coram Boy, Mary Shelley, War and Peace ‐ with the National Theatre, the RSC and Shared Experience.
The two films, written by Helen Edmundson, see Jack Whicher no longer an Inspector with the Metropolitan Police, pursuing his new found role as a private inquiry agent.
Film one: Beyond the Pale
Whicher is drawn into a high‐stakes case when Sir Edward Shore, the former Home Secretary comes to him with a delicate problem. His son, Charles has returned from India, post Mutiny, with his young family. Charles won’t be drawn on the circumstances but reveals an Indian man, Asim Jabour, has followed him to England and has used threating behaviour. Whicher agrees to try and find Asim and put a stop to the threat to the family; he understands that the wrong kind of attention to the situation could place Sir Edward's reputation in jeopardy.
During Whicher’s inquiries at the docks he learns Asim was travelling with a younger man, possibly his brother. He was also seen talking to a woman on board, who was working as a governess for the Gilbraith family. Whicher goes to see the Governess, Miss Khan who remembers speaking to the man and seems concerned for the welfare of the younger boy. Whicher assures her that he's trying to find them safe and well.
But this is not to be; Whicher is summonsed to the docks by a timid Lascar, only to find Asim's body being pulled out of the river. He has been murdered, but by who? Whicher returns to the Shore family, wary that Charles has taken it upon himself to do something stupid. Did he kill Asim? Charles denies it, but is clearly pleased Asim is dead. But when Whicher informs him that Asim’s younger brother, Roshan, travelled to the UK with him, Charles is sobered once more.
Whicher goes searching for Roshan. When he finds him, Roshan is scared and vulnerable. He lashes out, slashing Whicher's shoulder with a knife in a desperate attempt to get away. Whicher returns to help Charles guard the house and keep the family safe. Sir Edward's wife is clearly growing more angered by the situation and comments that she knew that the children should never have  been brought  to England. Whicher realises the children must be the key to all this trouble, and Charles is hiding a family secret that crosses two continents.
When Roshan comes to the house and threatens to have justice for his brother’s murder Charles panics and Roshan is left injured. Whicher calls upon his landlady, Mrs Piper who is a nurse, to treat Roshan.
Whicher’s investigation later uncovers a critical link – Charles’ Indian lover. Could she hold the clue to Asim’s death, and the secret Charles is hiding? As Whicher nears the truth, the case takes a sudden turn for the worse when Charles’ children mysteriously go missing. Haunted by the loss of his own son years before, Whicher’s concern for their safety grows. He must find them at all costs, but who could behind their disappearance?