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Crazy Beaches

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    Tue 17 Sep 2013
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    10.00pm - 10.30pm
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    Week 38 2013 : Sat 14 Sep - Fri 20 Sep
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Get ready. Get online. And get ready to play. It’s time for Crazy Beaches – the show where you get to predict what happens next as we follow holiday-makers and locals alike as they cause mayhem in Malia.
Each week we’ll be following young Brits as they sample the delights of Greece’s most hedonistic party resort - from the nights out and the mornings after, to the love stories and the drunken rows, and everything inbetween. And you get to guess what they get up to.
Throughout the show you get to play along and predict what happens next by choosing from three possible outcomes.
Pick the right answer, retweet it, and at the end of each part the results will be delivered live and we’ll read out some of your funniest comments.
And it's not just brits you're trying to predict. We’ll also meet some of Malia’s more obscure does a moustach-ioed hotel owner teach Brits to love like a Greek god? And what dodgy items do the Happy Days cleaning ladies find underneath the guests' wet mattresses? It’s time to play Crazy Beaches.
Episode one:
Crazy Beaches – the show where you get to predict what happens next.
This week one of your many missions is to predict what six inseparable mates out for banter, drinking and lady hunting get up to. What happens when one of them falls in love? Will he chose his new gal or life-long mates? Either way there’s guaranteed arguments before bedtime.
And we meet Spartakus a local with an astonishing talent -‘clappy singing’! But what will he play for us tonight? Also the cleaners, AKA the ‘Filth Fighters’ at Happy Days hotel reveal all as we follow them on their rounds – from bed-wetting to ‘deposits’ in cisterns…they’ve seen it all. But can you guess their weirdest discovery?
Throw in five identical girls revealing their deepest secrets, a random parrot, a human cow and a blow-up man and you’re still nowhere near the madness and mayhem that is Crazy Beaches. But can you predict what this lot will get up to...?
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