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The Magaluf Weekender

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    Tue 17 Sep 2013
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    9.00pm - 10.00pm
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    Week 38 2013 : Sat 14 Sep - Fri 20 Sep
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“The thing with us reps is that you can’t predict what’s going to happen. Last year there was so much drama and this year I’ve got a feeling there’s going to be so much more!”  Jaime-Leigh
The Magaluf Weekender is back for series two, with more fun-loving mischief and mayhem as eager holiday-makers hit the non-stop party resort of Magaluf, experiencing their first holiday as a group without their parents. 
On hand to ensure they have the weekend of their lives are our four holiday reps, Jordan, Imogen, Jaime-Leigh and flirtatious new boy, personal trainer Tobi.  
Each week, two sets of guests from across the UK check-in to the hotel to party away the weekend of their lives, under the watchful eye of the reps. With drinking games, fancy dress, seduction, friendships, fallouts and pranks a plenty, it’s set to be a hot, steamy summer to remember.  
In episode one, the reps arrive at the hotel and are raring to go. This year cameras have been installed in the reps bedrooms as well as the guests and despite their fall-out last series, Imogen and Jaime are now sharing a room.
Imogen says: “Last season was a rollercoaster for me, it had its highs and it definitely had its lows…Me and Jaime are basically like chalk and cheese, we’re two completely different people.”
After their fling last year, Jordan and Imogen’s friendship appears to have survived the strain of seeing each other move on with people, for now.
Jordan says: “Me and Imogen have had a lot of history, it is Magaluf so you can never tell what’s going to happen.”
But tensions between the reps arise almost immediately, when Jose the hotel manager has a surprise in store for Imogen. Tobi arrives soon after to meet his new colleagues and first impressions are good.
Tobi says: “Jordan, he actually seemed very nice. I thought it was going to be a competition thing, one against one, who’s the alpha male?”
Jordan is equally impressed with his new roomie: “He seems alright to be fair and I’m obviously quite relieved. He’s a good looking lad, which is good, he’s got a bit of banter about him, I’ve sort of got myself a wing man so I reckon I’ll have a good laugh with him.”
Meanwhile Jaime-Leigh is instantly smitten: “It’s hard not to fancy a guy like Tobi, he is really hot!”
The first guests to arrive at The Lively are three lads from Nuneaton, Cameron, Lewis and Josh. They have been best friends for years and admit to being closer than most.
Josh says: “We’ve all kissed each other quite a lot and we’ve all showered together quite a lot.” 
Lewis has a girlfriend back home but Cameron and Josh are very much single and confess they have come to Magaluf to pull, but they admit to having varying standards. 
Cam says: “Josh will pull anything that moves, two out of ten, where as I’m a little bit more picky.”
Next to arrive are four single party-loving girls from Liverpool, Andrea, Abbie, Ellen and Lauren. 
Flirtatious Lauren says: “I usually go for bad boys…Jordan seems like a little player, but he seems like a little bad boy at the same time and I quite fancy him.” But Cameron quickly grabs her attention too. 
The group head out for their first night on the town together, to check out what Magaluf has to offer. 
After a few drinks, Imogen can’t help herself where Jordan’s concerned, whilst Josh gets blown out by Ellie and so makes a beeline for Andrea, before promptly forgetting her name the next day. Meanwhile, hungover Cameron can’t remember what happened between him and Lauren, much to her disappointment. 
Lauren becomes mates with fellow Scouse Imogen and after discussing the history between Imogen and Jordan, Lauren promises she will be following the Scouse-code and steering clear of Jordan out of respect for her new pal. But that only makes her a more interesting challenge in Jordan’s eyes and more drama and tears soon ensue as the weekend unfolds.
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