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Inside the Crown: Secrets of the Royals

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    Wed 08 Jan 2020

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Inside the Crown: Secrets of the Royals

Series overview

Using rarely-seen footage and revealing historical documents, this major new four-part series tells the inside story of Queen’s reign from the Coronation to the present. 

Historians, eyewitnesses, and royal insiders offer new insights on the pivotal moments in the Queen’s life, with intriguing revelations about the real woman behind the Crown.

Queen Elizabeth II has been on the British throne for 67 years. A record-breaking reign which began at the dawn of the TV age as nearly 300 million people watched her glittering Coronation. The event marked a turning point for war ravaged Britain, as it entered a new Elizabethan age. In the years since, Queen Elizabeth II has become one of the most respected leaders on earth.  Her story over the past seven decades has fascinated and delighted people, not just in Britain but around the world.

Themed across four episodes the series provides fresh insight from historians, biographers, royal insiders and the wider family along with eyewitnesses who all contribute to a new intimate portrait of the Queen and her family at key moments.  

Each programme addresses a theme that has dominated the lives of Elizabeth and her family from ‘Love & Duty’ and ‘Front Page News’ to ‘Trials and Tribulations’ and ‘The Top Job’. Each episode is packed with rarely seen archive and recently unearthed documents which shed new light on often told stories. The four episodes create a series full of stories that reveal more about who the Queen and her family really are and how they have navigated the often turbulent times of her record-breaking reign. 

Episode 1 – Love and Duty

Harry and Meghan are the latest royal love story. Theirs is the new fairy-tale romance that has fascinated the world, but after the excitement of the wedding the reality of the job kicks in. Will the couple be able to balance the pressures of love versus duty? For them only time will tell, but history has shown that royal marriage is a hard road to walk.

Edward VIII nearly brought down the House of Windsor when he chose love over duty. Giving up his throne for the woman he loved - divorcee Wallis Simpson. Edward’s decision would cast a long shadow over the Windsors for decades to come.  

Because of Edward’s actions, when a young Elizabeth married her dashing naval officer, Philip, they knew the pressure was on them to re-build the image of the royal family.  Theirs has been a stable royal marriage unlike any other.  They have made it through ups and downs and today the Queen calls him her ‘strength and stay’.

But the Queen’s steadfast marriage has proved an exception rather than the rule.  Three of her four children’s marriages have broken down and ended in divorce. Charles’ being the most public and destructive, as his fairy-tale marriage to Diana quickly turned into a nightmare. The Queen’s sister, Margaret, also had to make a stark choice when she fell in love with divorcee Peter Townsend.  Would she too choose love over duty or would she follow her sister’s advice and put the Crown first?

The British monarchy has learnt through bitter experience that the secret to a successful royal marriage comes when love is perfectly balanced with duty.  

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