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Love Your Home And Garden

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    Tue 09 Oct 2018
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    Week 41 2018 : Sat 06 Oct - Fri 12 Oct
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The Love Your Home and Garden team - Kunle Barker, George Bradley, Alan Titchmarsh, Katie Rushworth and Ewald Van Der Straeten.
Episode 1
Like any 15-year-old boy Josh loves the outdoors but as he suffers from multiple disabilities and is confined to a wheelchair he relies on his Mum Benita to care for him. 
As Josh has grown, Mum and son are becoming increasingly confined to the house. Their kitchen is so tiny, they cant be in it together and Josh’s wheelchair wont fit through the back door so the garden is completely off limits. When she’s not caring for him.
Benita volunteers as a health worker at his school so Alan is determined to help this selfless woman and her son. Architects Ewald and George create a new layout in the house so Benita can wheel Josh from the front door out into the back garden with ease. And task builder Kunle with locating the kitchen into a new state of the art conservatory so Mum and son can cook together for the first time.
In the garden Alan and Katie create a series of different rooms each designed to appeal to different senses so Josh can make the most of his new garden and a huge pergola at the back gives them somewhere to sit and enjoy their life changing new surroundings.