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    Thu 10 Oct 2013
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    9.00pm - 10.00pm
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    Week 41 2013 : Sat 05 Oct - Fri 11 Oct
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    Wed 09 Oct 2013
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Tricked is a brand new magic show with a difference.
Magician Ben Hanlin is about to conjure up some mischief, as unsuspecting celebrities and members of the public alike get tricked by his own special brand of hidden camera magic.
Ben’s irreverent brand of undercover magic is set to shock, amaze and astound as unwitting contributors get their world turned on its head.
Whether he’s dropping a shipping container on an unsuspecting celebrity's car before making it reappear floating down a river, bailing out of a moving taxi then teleporting himself back into the drivers seat, or cutting up a livid shopper’s credit card before restoring it in a sealed bag of sweets – Ben’s tricks and illusions leave his victims speechless.
Tricked features celebrities including TOWIE’s Arg and Diags, boy band Blue, Helen Flanagan, Joe Swash, Christine Bleakley, Stacey Solomon, Robbie Savage and Emma Willis.
Episode one will see Blue get the shock of their lives when Ben leads the band members to believe that Simon Webbe is in serious danger, and Rylan Clark finds himself stuck in a lift.
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Boy band Blue get the shock of their lives when they are TRICKED for new ITV2 show…
Brand new hidden camera show Tricked features young magician Ben Hanlin who goes undercover using sleight of hand, mental powers and misdirection to pull magical pranks on members of the public and celebrities.
The first show, which transmits on ITV2 on Thursday 10th October at 9pm, features Lee, Duncan and Antony from Blue being tricked into believing their band mate Simon is in serious danger.
Simon is in on the trick, whilst the other three band members are led to believe they are doing an outdoor photo shoot at the top of a cliff.  Magician Ben Hanlin poses as a camera assistant and creates an opportunity for him and Simon to go into a caravan that is parked dangerously close to the cliff edge.  The other three boys watch in horror as they see the caravan begin to roll, heading towards the sheer drop.
“I was just in complete and utter shock and disbelief that within in 30 seconds I could be losing not only one of my band mates but also one of my best friends,” said Antony.
“I felt sick to my stomach and I felt helpless.  I couldn’t understand why he wasn’t jumping out.  That’s what I was shouting to him,” added Duncan.
How did the boys feel when they discovered they had been tricked for the ITV2 show?
 “I was at first so confused then eventually relieved to see Simon alive. I felt really emotional.  I needed a cigarette to calm me and I don’t smoke!,” said Duncan.
 “For me I have a nervous laugh so I just started laughing and I couldn’t believe it when the producer said this is not real you have been tricked, it took a long time to sink in,” added Antony.
 “I didn’t’ believe it.  I was still in shock for a long time after.  I looked at Simon standing by the hay bales and couldn’t believe it was him.” said Lee.
 How did Simon feel about setting up his bandmates?
 “Because it was all for a TV show it was great to be part of the huge set up.  It was really hard to keep it from them though as we share everything together.  I felt like a traitor but as it was for TV and in the name of fun it was a good test to see how much they love me!  Had they all watched the caravan roll off the cliff laughing I would have been like ‘b*****s talk to the hand’!,” said Simon.  “Watching their reaction I felt really bad.   They were so devastated and to see that was not a nice feeling.  I kept thinking I’m sure it made great TV!” Simon added.