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The Jonathan Ross Show

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    Sat 17 Oct 2020

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    Week 43 2020 : Sat 17 Oct - Fri 23 Oct

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    Wed 07 Oct 2020

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The Jonathan Ross Show

Episode 1

The Jonathan Ross Show is back for a brand new series.

Joining Jonathan on his opening show are hilarious comedian and actress Katherine Ryan, one of the nation’s best-loved broadcasters Clare Balding, and the stars of the hotly anticipated horror comedy series Truth Seekers - Nick Frost and Samson Kayo.

Plus, the legendary worldwide chart-topping singer Billy Ocean will be chatting and performing some of his greatest hits in the studio.


Clare Balding on how she thinks Japan will get the Olympics back next year, her error during a crowdless football game and acting dreams

Nick Frost reveals his paranormal experiences and top and tailing with Simon Pegg

Katherine Ryan details her regrets over writing a sex scene for herself

Samson Kayo discusses being mistaken for a paramedic

Billy Ocean performs and says his love for music and touring has grown

On this week’s episode of The Jonathan Ross Show, Jonathan is joined by Katherine Ryan and Clare Balding as well as Nick Frost and Samson Kayo, who discuss new comedy horror series Truth Seekers. Musical guest Billy Ocean chats about his career and performs some of his greatest hits.

On their experiences of lockdown Samson says: “It’s been good. I went for the walks… I said, ‘Sod this I’m going home and playing Fifa.’ I don’t like going out anyway. It was perfect.”

Clare says: “I definitely took advantage of the hour [outside]. I even started talking to my neighbours. I hosted the family quiz. I spent most of the week coming up with obscure questions. I did breeds of dog picture rounds. Another round with sports stadiums, general knowledge, history, topical… I quite liked it… I tried to make the most of it.”

Nick admits: “I love it. Honestly this is the first time I’ve got dressed in the year. I nap a lot at home. I’ve got kids, when he naps, I nap. I don’t really like going out, or people. Long may it last. To have to put shoes and socks on…”.

Meanwhile, Katherine says: “It was everything I feared it would be, I can’t see my friends, I have to be in by 10pm and cover my face. I’m living in the Handmaid’s Tale.”

Clare Balding, who wrote two books in lockdown and discusses the release of Heroic Animals also speaks about missing out on working on the Olympics and Paralympics this year due to the pandemic. 

Of needing to learn facts about the new sports featured - including skateboarding and surfing - she says: “They had postponed it early enough to say I hadn’t put my full effort in. I’m not pretending I was fully prepped.”

And on whether she thinks it will return next year, Clare says: “I think the huge advantage that Japan has is it has quite limited access points in, so they can monitor quite well. As a nation people are very law abiding and that really helps. I think what they might end up doing, I suspect, is maybe only Japanese fans – now that’s not a problem, they will fill every stadium, they’re so keen to have it – and I would hope that with the athletes and with the surrounding support network around them, they can test and monitor and make sure that’s all safe. 

“I really hope it goes ahead next year. I think one of the things we’ve maybe missed the most is the shared experience and sport is a great example of that, so is theatre, so is going to the cinema – lots of things.”

On football games without a crowd, Clare says: “It’s really strange. I’ve been to a few live matches, I do women’s football, you can hear everything the players are saying. Of course with a crowd you’d never be able to do that.  

“And once I shouted very loudly, ’That was rubbish’ and literally the player looked around at me. I thought, ‘Oh no! I’ve got to learn to rein it in’, I was getting involved.”

On what she could hear the players saying, Clare says: “There’s quite a lot of complaining to the referee and screaming when they go down, trying to get a penalty or free kick. I think the referee is much more influenced by the screams because they can really hear it.”

Also on the show, the guests discussed their paranormal experiences, in light of Nick Frost and Samson Kayo’s new comedy horror series, Truth Seekers.

Nick reveals: “[Once] I was laying on the couch watching TV, I was in the house on my own, I felt a woman’s hand from behind take my face and kiss me on the forehead. I turned around thinking maybe Simon Pegg had come in. But there was no one there. It felt like very small and soft hands…

“There was a dialogue going on between me and her. It seemed like we got each other… I don’t know if it was a ghost… I could have been dreaming.” 

The actor says he and long-time friend Simon Pegg would often seek out ghoulish goings on when they lived together. 

“At one point Simon Pegg and I would spend our weekends, we’d find an old Saxon church in Surrey or Essex, we’d go at night and sit in the cemetery and kind of wish for something to happen. We’d always run off screaming like idiots and really needing to do a wee.

“[One night] it was raining and I slipped. I knocked myself unconscious on a log. Simon kept shouting, ‘Nick, Nick’. Because I didn’t answer he thought I was joking, so he left me and went home and ordered Chinese food. I got back in like an hour later, looking like a bog troll and he was just sat eating chow mein. Good friend, good guy.”

Katherine adds of her own paranormal experience: “I’ve not seen a ghost, but a woman came to my door and said I needed to take the Halloween decorations down or else I was inviting Satan into my life. I haven’t decorated this year because I think she was right. I think she was a ghost or a witch and she put a curse on my family. Because things started to go bad. I’m not saying I’m fully responsible for the pandemic…”

Clare also explains how she couldn’t sleep while staying over at Leeds castle after convincing herself that deceased Dorothy Paget, a well-known owner in horse racing connected to the castle, was in the room. She explains: “I couldn’t sleep and I didn’t want to open my eyes. So I just lay there for six hours thinking, ‘I know she’s sitting on that chair’, thinking ‘If I open my eyes I will see Dorothy Paget sitting on that chair…’ I knew she’d stayed there. I had a feeling. I just got myself into a right state.” 

Truth Seekers features Simon Pegg and Nick says: “It was nice when he came in. He added some nice energy to it.

“We’ve been friends for like 25 years. We’re kind of heterosexual life partners. I was doing a junket today and I had to explain that Simon and I shared a bed for nine months. A single bed. We shared a room for ages and it was cold one night. So he got in so we could have a cuddle. Then every night he got in. We’d start reading a big book… We topped and tailed for a bit. Then he came up this end. Sometimes we woke up and I didn’t know where he ended and I began. It just felt right, it didn’t feel weird. Just best mates hanging out and going to cemeteries.”

He adds: “The night before he got married, we snuggled in, it was like our last hurrah. It’s very pure, pure love.”

Speaking about the government’s suggestion that people, including in the entertainment industry, should retrain, Jonathan revealed he’d put all of their details into the national careers website to see what jobs they’d be suited for.

For Nick it was animal care, for both Samson and Katherine it was emergency uniform services for Clare it was in the manufacturing field, for Billy it was the beauty or wellbeing field and for Jonathan it was in the emergency services as an army officer or bodyguard. 

Samson reveals he actually previously wanted to be a paramedic and will play one in upcoming Sky series Bloods. While filming, he was mistaken for an acting medic, explaining: “The other day - NHS love you, big up - we were shooting outside and I went to the shop. One of the guys that ran the shop was like, ‘Oh my boss! And you’re even black, you’re a black man, thank you, thank you…’ I was like, ‘For what?’ I looked, I was like, ‘Oh I’ve got my costume on’. I was like, ‘Cheers man.’ It wasn’t worth explaining. It would have just been long. So I went to get a chocolate bar, he gave me like five bars of chocolate. He said: ‘You never pay.’ I walked out, five bars of chocolate, police went past me, didn’t even look at me, it was brilliant, it was class.”

Katherine Ryan, joins the show to discuss writing, producing and starring in Netflix hit The Duchess. 

On its success and it being based on her own time as a single mum, she says: “[My daughter] Violet was born here. I loved being a single mother. That’s the central relationship in the show. I’m really tired of rom coms where it’s, ‘If only I could get a man’. That’s never been my story. I fall in love with them accidentally every now and again. I don’t seek them out, I just want to hang out with my daughter. Those were the most cherished times in my life, when she was little and it was just the two of us. I loved our life so much. Now, she’s getting older and she doesn’t like me that much. That’s what I got a husband for.”

On writing a sex scene and regretting it, she says: “I felt like you needed to believe in the intimacy of that relationship, so I wrote a sex scene. I just figured it would be fine.

“It’s so cringe and it takes so long and I’m unprofessional. I just found it difficult. I think it would have been easier to have full sex on camera – then I could really let loose and show my personality... But no, I won’t be writing any more sex scenes ever again.” 

On acting, Clare admits: “I’m desperate to be an actor. It’s not just remembering lines, it’s delivering lines like they mean something. In the few roles that I’ve had, my wife Alice, she said, ‘Please don’t over do it.’  I’ve played very challenging roles, in Dark Money I was a chat show host, bit like yourself [Jonathan]. In a film called Dream Horse, I played a character called Clare Balding… I know, it was quite a leap…”. 

Musical guest Billy Ocean, who performs a medley of his songs, says his secret to staying young is: “[Being a] vegetarian, exercises, early nights when possible, music, family, vitamins.”

Speaking of music he says: “My father was a musician. He used to write and sing songs on the guitar, not songs, calypsos really. As a kid you do what your parents do. Ever since I was very young, that’s what I wanted to do, make music. My mother used to encourage me to sing. When she was working, she would say to me, ‘Sing to me, son’.” 

And he says he’s enjoying performing more now: “I have a new enthusiasm. As I’ve got a little bit older, I’ve got more to say. I still love going to the studio. I still love writing. I love to tour. I love touring now, more than I did. I’m enjoying myself more than I did. The old songs are there as a platform to back me up, I feel comfortable. The fans sing along, we have a great time.”

Of his new material a decade on, he says: “It’s just about experiences. Life, based not just on my life, other people’s lives. It’s about love. Love is the foundation of everything. Love is what life is all about basically. It’s infinite writing about love. I just want to make people happy. When I make people happy, I’m happy myself.”

He adds: “Performing, you get a oneness with everyone. It’s like tennis, a give and take thing. It’s amazing.” 


Please note the above is all taken from the recording of The Jonathan Ross Show and is subject to the show edit.