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    Sat 18 Oct 2014
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    Week 43 2014 : Sat 18 Oct - Fri 24 Oct
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    Sat 18 Oct 2014
The Jonathan Ross Show returns for a brand new series, featuring some of the biggest names from film, TV, sport, comedy and music.
Joining Jonathan this week are the legendary Sir David Attenborough; Cheryl Fernandez-Versini in her first interview since getting married; fellow The X Factor judge, the fabulous Mel B; and the star of Anchorman, The 40 Year Old Virgin and Despicable Me, one of Hollywood’s finest comedy actors, Steve Carell.
There’s also music from one of the biggest artists of 2014, Paolo Nutini.
CHERYL FERNANDEZ-VERSINI speaks to Jonathan exclusively about her marriage in her first full sit down TV interview since her summer wedding and teases at a collaboration with Mel B. 
MEL B reveals the criticisms she received when starting out and that she is planning a cornea transplant to correct her sight. Mel reveals she’d perform with the Spice Girls again.
SIR DAVID ATTENBOROUGH shares fond memories of his late brother, Sir Richard Attenborough, and says that we need to do something about the world’s increasing population which he sees as a profound problem.
STEVE CARELL talks about the Anchorman phrases he is most proud of and re-enacts catching fruit in his mouth with Jonathan Ross and a… pumpkin!
Plus a music performance from Paolo Nutini
Jonathan Ross returns to ITV on Saturday nights with a brand new series of The Jonathan Ross Show.  
In the first show of the series, which will be screened at 10.20pm tonight on ITV, Jonathan is joined by The X Factor judges Cheryl Fernandez-Versini and Mel B, Naturalist Sir David Attenborough and Hollywood movie star Steve Carell.
Cheryl Fernandez-Versini and Mel B proved that girl power is still alive as they walked towards the sofa together doing the girl power sign made famous by the Spice Girls.  In her first full sit down TV interview since getting wed over the summer, Cheryl spoke exclusively to Jonathan about her husband Jean-Bernard and married life.
Joking about the pronunciation of her new surname, Jonathan said, “I just got used to calling you Cole after Tweedy and now it’s [putting on a French accent] Versini-Fernandez!”
Taking it on the chin, Cheryl teased Jonathan back: “You know what’s funny is, you and I are on first name terms now right? So I don’t say ‘Hi Jonathan Woss’... So therefore, there really is no need to say ‘Cheryl Fernandez-Versini’, so really we can just call each other Jonathan and Cheryl.”
Opening up about how married life is treating her, Cheryl simply said, “it’s great” before adding that she remembers her anniversary because the date is “7, 7, 14”.
“So you’re still in probably the honeymoon phase really?” Jonathan asked. Cheryl agreed and Jonathan continued, “So you’re not farting in front of each other yet?” Laughing, Cheryl said: “I don’t do that anyway!”
On some of the French words and phrases that her new husband has been teaching her, Cheryl said coyly: “I couldn’t possibly say them on ITV” and when Jonathan asked if that was because they were too “saucy”, Cheryl grinned, “I couldn’t possibly reveal.”
Cheryl admitted she does speak some French and talked about how she picks it up from her husband: “I hear when he’s on the phone and stuff, that’s when I pick it up. I can understand more than I can speak to be honest, otherwise it’d be very offensive stuff that I’d be saying.”
Speaking about her husband, Cheryl revealed Jean-Bernard’s musical tastes: “He kind of listens to Hip Hop and stuff. He’s the most American French guy you’ll probably meet!”
And despite her husband being from France, Cheryl said home is definitely the UK and she won’t be moving to France: “No I live here, completely.”
As The X Factor judges, Mel and Cheryl are used to having to give criticism but speaking about harsh words she received when starting out in the industry, Mel admitted that she had had her fair share: “Oh yeah, back in the day there was no mincing of words. ‘You are too fat, too black, too this, too that,’ I mean I got everything. It makes you really tough.”
Agreeing that the criticisms were a good thing for her, Mel admitted that they made her stronger: “It made me a fighter, it made me believe in myself because nobody else did.”
Mel - who will host this year’s MOBO Awards - admitted she is slightly nervous about reading the auto cue at the MOBOs awards ceremony. “I’m a bit nervous about that because I’ve got to read and the auto cue is quite far away and I’m a bit blind in that eye,” she said, pointing to her left eye.
Relaying the story about her bad eye sight, Mel said: “I got my eyes lasered when I wasn’t meant to, like 15 years ago, and then that one in a million chance, that [eye] reversed.” “Was it painful?” Jonathan asked, “No, I just can’t see out of it. You’re just like a blur, you look gorgeous!” Mel joked.
She is planning more surgery on her eyes to improve them but said she has slight reservations about her planned cornea transplant: “I am going to get it fixed at the end of the year,” she told Jonathan, “I think I’m going to get a cornea transplant so hopefully I won’t be seeing what the other person’s seen, the other dead person. That’s what it is isn’t it?”
Bemused, Jonathan said, “I don’t know whether medically that’s proven yet... You mean you think you might be seeing what the other eye was seeing before [it was transplanted into you]?”
“Well you think that you might be dreaming what the other person dreamt,” Mel said, “Maybe it’s just me, hopefully it’ll be fine and then I’ll be able to see again.”
During their interview, when asked whether the girls had any idea of what each other would be like before they started working together, Mel admitted she had checked Cheryl out on the internet beforehand: “I peeped her a little bit because I wanted to see exactly what she was like, and she is like a strong, independent, gorgeous woman so I knew that I’d get on with her straight away. How can you not?”
When Jonathan asked, “What do you mean you ‘peeped’ her?” Mel clarified, “You know, you Google and watch a few YouTube videos of interviews and stuff” before apologising to Cheryl, “Sorry!” “No, that’s quite nice,” Cheryl smiled, clearly content with Mel checking her out before.
Speaking about what she thought of Mel before they worked together, Cheryl said she felt like she’d grown up with her: “I already knew Mel, well I felt like I knew her because I grew up with her, watching the Spice Girls.” And when asked, she was adamant that Mel was her favourite Spice Girl saying, “Mel, obviously!”
Jonathan cheekily asked Mel to admit who her least favourite Spice Girl was out of Posh, Baby, Sporty and Ginger with Mel joking: “I like all of them, but they’re all bitches but I love them!” Jokingly, Jonathan coughed that it might be “Geri… ahem” who was bottom of Mel’s favourite list but ‘Scary Spice’ confirmed, “No, I love them all!”
Speaking about their The X Factor boss, Simon Cowell, Mel jokingly refused to talk about him - “I don’t want to get fired so I’m going to shut my mouth!” she said - but the pair spoke about Simon’s son Eric: “He’s so cute, he’s actually like a mini me version of Simon” Cheryl said.
Cheryl - who is releasing more solo music - said she did run her new song past music mogul, Simon: “I did actually play him this track [titled I Don’t Care] I don’t usually but he was around and I got a mix in so I said have a listen to this and he really loved that one.”
Speaking of a collaboration between the pair of them, Mel and Cheryl both said they would consider working together musically. “We did speak about that the other day” Mel said and Cheryl teased, “Watch this space!”
On including some of their iconic hits in the The X Factor, Cheryl said: “We want to actually do a themed weekend [of live shows] where it’s Girls Aloud versus Spice Girls, that would be fun right!” And Mel called out to Simon Cowell, “I hope you’re watching that Simon, make it happen!”
On whether Mel would ever perform with the Spice Girls again, she said “I would.” And on their earlier joke that there is always one girl in the band who can’t sing, Cheryl said “maybe I could be a stand in…” “For the one that couldn’t sing!” Jonathan finished.
Naturalist Sir David Attenborough joined Jonathan and spoke with pride and great fondness of his older brother Sir Richard Attenborough, who died in August at the age of 90.
Sir David said, “The thing about my dear brother was that he’s known for making and directing these films Shadowlands and the war films and Cry Freedom and Ghandi and so on, all very serious films, but he was a great comic.  He was such fun to be with.  He had such a sense of humour and we just spent hours and hours laughing with one another because we used to see one another fairly regularly.  I saw his films, he saw my programmes and we used to meet – we lived very close to one another.  It was such a joy being with him and laughing with him.”
Sir David continued, “He had those two talents.  I think perhaps the most extraordinary film he made, the most remarkable film he made was Oh What A Lovely War, which was almost surreal.  It wasn’t a realistic film and not like Ghandi or the rest of them.  It was full of high jinx and yet it was about this profoundly serious subject and there was not a dry eye in the house at the end of that show.  It was a very imaginative and remarkable film.”
Jonathan asked Sir David as a Scientist what he believes is the one scientific discovery man has made that we should all know about that is fundamental to us moving forward to build a better future.
Sir David told Jonathan, “I don’t know about building a new future, what we should learn is that the world is not an infinitely large place and that it can’t contain people more and more, bigger and bigger populations of people. The time will come when we are using up everything.   We ought to recognise that and do something about the increasing population whilst we can because that is a profound problem.”
Hollywood film star Steve Carell joined Jonathan - sitting next to Sir David Attenborough on the sofa, giving them the opportunity to exchange stories about working with animals - albeit in different ways.
“I tend to work with animals quite often,” said Steve who has just filmed with a Kangaroo in the movie Alexander and the Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day.  “I’d never been close to a kangaroo.  A Kangaroo’s tail is just one massive muscle and they can put their entire weight back on their tail and do serious damage with their hind legs.”
Jonathan asked Sir David if has worked with kangaroos.  “Yeah, I have.  I’ve done lots of stuff about the way they produce their young, which is quite complicated, isn’t it?” said Sir David.
“I have no idea,” answered Steve.  “I only know they have the big, horrible looking tail,” he joked. “They were adorable but more intimidating than I expected them to be.”
Steve’s new film is about a boy and his family having a bad day.  Steve told Jonathan that he had a bad day a year ago when he had a hip replacement.
“The doctor came in and said, ‘so let’s talk about your hip, what do you want it made out of?’  I thought, this has been months leading up to this, and I’m about 20 minutes from having this permanent piece of body installed and it’s like I’m picking out a car.  You could go with the Titanium or [they said] I’d recommend the ceramic because it’s very durable, it might last forever, however, it might squeak,” explained Steve. “So I went with the ceramic squeak hip.”
Steve was in good company as Sir David has had two knees replaced. “Mine don’t even squeak,” joked Sir David.
In Steve’s new film Alexander and the Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day he catches shrimp in his mouth, so Jonathan decided to reconstruct the scene – with fruit!  He began with grapes and progressed to a pumpkin! (Pictures are available from Rex)
Steve has appeared in a number of blockbuster films, but he tells Jonathan that it’s his role as Brick in Anchorman that causes people to shout at him in the street.
“Which of Brick’s phrases gets shouted at you the most often?” asked Jonathan.
“‘Loud noises’ probably, or ‘I ate a red candle.’” said Steve. “‘Loud noises’ apparently was shouted during a break in play at Wimbledon and I heard about it, that someone just shrieked it, and that actually made me very proud.”