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    Sat 17 Oct 2015
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    Week 43 2015 : Sat 17 Oct - Fri 23 Oct
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Series overview
The Jonathan Ross Show is back for a brand new series this autumn on ITV.
The last series uncovered a host of exclusives from the world of showbiz and sport including a special show, devoted to Madonna with a one off interview which saw Jonathan and the Queen of Pop reunited, 12 years on from their last meet.
Stephen Fry spoke to Jonathan about being a newlywed in his first TV interview since getting married; Jennifer Saunders shared an exclusive scene from the upcoming Ab Fab movie and performed it alongside Matt Lucas; whilst Ant and Dec spoke about meeting Prince Charles.
As well as that, Kylie Minogue spoke about finding love, Thierry Henry shared his thoughts on racism in football and Colin Firth appeared for a rare TV chat. There was also music performances from established stars such as Kanye West, Chic’s Nile Rodgers and Olly Murs to new and emerging talent, including James Bay.
Jonathan will present the new series which will feature even more entertaining, open and exclusive interviews with stars from stage, screen, comedy and sport. There will also be performances from popular, current talent from the UK and across the pond.
Show 1


TOM JONES opens up about his exit from The Voice and nearly losing his wife, Linda. He also talks about their relationship over the years and performs a love song which reminds him of her.
VIN DIESEL opens up about losing friend and fellow The Fast and The Furious star, Paul Walker, in an emotional and poignant interview. He also talks about calling his daughter, Pauline, after the late actor
JESSICA ENNIS-HILL talks about the doping scandal involving Tatyana Chernova and balancing being a professional athlete with being mum to baby Reggie
HARRY ENFIELD AND PAUL WHITEHOUSE joke about ageing and being back on the road together
On the first show in a brand new series of The Jonathan Ross Show, Jonathan speaks to music legend, Tom Jones; action movie star, Vin Diesel; Olympic and World Champion, Jessica Ennis-Hill and comedy duo, Harry Enfield and Paul Whitehouse.
Tom Jones - who celebrates 50 years in showbusiness - joined the sofa and spoke to Jonathan about recent controversy surrounding his role on The Voice and his relationship with wife, Linda.
Speaking to Jonathan about his exit from The Voice, Tom explained: “Mark, my son who manages me, he got the call and I was with him at the time and so was my daughter-in-law and my granddaughter, we were walking in London... He said, ‘I may as well tell you now, they’re not renewing your contact on The Voice,’ he said, ‘How do you feel about that?’ I said, ‘I couldn’t give a [blank]’
“I would have liked to have known a bit earlier because my agent is always saying, ‘Are you doing The Voice? What are we doing?’ and they always leave it to the last minute, they always did every year and then all of a sudden we’d pencilled it in thinking we were going to do it again,” he explained.
On his reaction to the change, Tom said: “So I called my wife because I do because she’s in LA and I’m here - so she said to me, ‘So you’re not doing The Voice then?’ I said, ‘Well I don’t have much of a choice… I’ve been replaced’... She said, ‘by who?’ and I said, ‘By Boy George’ and she said, ‘I hope you didn’t go off did you about Boy George?’ I said, ‘Of course not, I even said how much I like his records’ and she said, ‘Well you didn’t have to go that far!’”
With recent controversy surrounding his autobiography, Jonathan asked about Tom’s relationship with his wife, Linda.
“People know or think they know a lot about your life and your marriage - to some eyes - would seem unconventional because Linda stayed in Las Vegas or Los Angeles while you were travelling the world and you were sometimes involved with other people weren’t you?” Jonathan asked.
Tom smiled and Jonathan said of his reaction, “Well that’s a yes... but it’s quite clear to me reading this [autobiography] that she was the person you have always loved…”
Tom replied: “Of course and she beat me up one night you know because a thing came out in the newspaper and I think she was more bothered because it was in the press, if it had just been between us we could have dealt with it much easier.”
Jonathan asked, “Let me ask you this question very frankly, did you have a deal? Did you ever say to her, ‘look this is what I’m doing, I love you?’”
“No no no,” Tom replied, “She would chin me if I tried to say that, which she did when she found out about this one thing…”
“I’ve always been curious about this about you, I’ve got to be honest because look, you were this incredible, lusty, magnetic, kind of attractive, very masculine singer - still are! Boom the big voice, boom the big movements on stage, obviously a lot of female attention and you weren’t a man who was not going to respond to that?” Jonathan said.
“No” Tom agreed.
Speaking about how he lived, Tom continued: “It was never discussed, I was never put on the spot. Linda is a wonderful person and she would never put me on the spot. She loves being married to me and I love being married to her so whatever happened…” 
“She was happy with you and she was prepared to say, ‘This is my Tom, this is our relationship, it works’ - nothing had to be implicitly stated?” Jonathan asked.
“Right,” Tom agreed.
Speaking about speaking his mind, Tom admitted he doesn’t worry about being controversial: “You can’t worry about it because if you do, you’ll be worrying all the time because they’ll twist it anyway. I’m chilled about most things,” he said.
At the end of the show, Tom performed, Take My Love, a love song. Speaking about who he thinks of when he sings, Tom admitted it would only ever be Linda.
“[Take My Love] reminds me of the time when my wife and myself when we were teenagers, we used to go dancing a lot in the dance halls in South Wales so that’s the sort of stuff we would jive to and we still have a jive now.”
“A lot of the songs that I do, the love songs that I do, of course it’s Linda is there and yes, she is the one. I don’t want to go on about it but she wasn’t well a while ago and she got close to... we didn’t know whether she was going to make it or not and I said to Mark [my son] I said, ‘If your mother doesn’t make it, I don’t know whether I can sing’ because a lot of the songs that I do, I think of her when I do it so it would be hard if she wasn’t there to be able to sing.”
Vin Diesel, Hollywood star of The Fast & The Furious films, joined Jonathan and opened up about the death of his co-star and friend, the late Paul Walker.
In an emotional interview, Vin spoke about the tragedy of losing his friend - who he affectionately calls ‘Pablo’ - when Paul died in a car crash in 2013: “We lost my brother Pablo while we were filming [Furious 7]. It made for a very hard time to finish filming that movie. The studio was wonderful and exceptional in allowing us to have such a special tribute for him in the end. It’s funny because sometimes I’ll post a picture on Facebook and talk about Pablo and people will say, ‘Just move on’ but the relationships in that franchise are so strong and the brotherhood so real that it transcends the experience of making the movie. You spend 15 years going from being a nobody to being a somebody with a brother and then one day he’s gone and it’s a heavy experience. I know you all have suffered loss before, I know you know what I mean, yet somehow this is different than the other losses I have had. I grew up in New York City, being a bouncer and you would lose people while you were working but this was unlike anything we could have imagined.”
On hearing of Paul’s death, Vin explained: “It was the day after thanksgiving and my mother was there because I had my whole family celebrating thanksgiving in Atlanta where we were filming the movie and I was up in my room alone and she was the first person to come up and she said - my mother doesn’t cry a whole lot but her eyes were watering - and she said, she looked at me and said it was unfair that I was going to have to mourn in front of the whole world. 
“Now when I think about it I feel blessed that I’m able to carry on and talk about how wonderful a person he was and how special a person he was. He’s really the best of us, he was that selfless and he was such an important figure in my life and there for me in so many rich times if we were doing other movies, I remember being on the set of Riddick and having a really, really bad day - I’d just gotten this injury and it was cold and we were filming in Canada - and I would just call him and just from one conversation everything would be smooth again. It just goes to show you you just have to be grateful for everyone you have, you never know what day you might lose them, you never what might be the last time you talk to them.”
Remembering Paul talking about how lucky they were to survive the stunts they do as part of their action films, Vin said: “Two years ago we were here in London doing press for The Fast and The Furious 6 and we were doing an interview where we were interviewing each other and… you hear [Paul] saying to me “You know Vin, it’s amazing that we’re still alive if you think about all the stunts we’ve done and you think about all the close calls we’ve had. You know what Vin it’s really amazing that we’re alive” and I didn’t know that that year would be the last year I would have my brother here.”
On whether Paul’s death has changed his approach to his life and work, Vin admitted: “Now that I’m a father I do think there have been times when I’ve come home from work and just dropped to my knees and hugged my kids and looked at them and think to myself, they have no idea how close that little stunt got.”
Vin spoke about naming his daughter Pauline in honour of his friend, Paul. Explaining the story behind her name, Vin talked about advice Paul gave him when Vin was just about to become a father for the first time: “At the end of the day he comes into my trailer he says ‘What’s up? I know you too well, what’s going on?’ and I didn’t want to tell anyone in California, I didn’t want anyone to know that I was about to have a baby because I didn’t want the paparazzi to try and capture the pictures of my baby coming out of the hospital for the first time… but I told him… When you’re growing up in New York with a lot of tough guys they’ll say, ‘whatever you do, don’t go in the hospital, trust me you don’t wanna go in the hospital. Leave it alone, stay in the hallway, don’t go in that delivery room!’ and I can remember just like yesterday he said that to me, ‘A lot of tough guys will tell you to wait in the hallway, don’t go in the delivery room,’ [he said] ‘but Vin, go into that delivery room, be present and cut that umbilical cord and it will be the best day of your life.’ And so I did that and it was the best day of my life and so six months ago when I was blessed to be in that same situation, I couldn’t help but to remember Paul and his advice and as I’m cutting the umbilical cord, I’m thinking to myself it’s all because Paul Walker told me to go into the delivery room and so once it came time to sign the name, I started writing ‘Paul’ and then just added I-N-E.”
Speaking about his new film, The Last Witch Hunter, Vin said: “I initially was going to take a year off after the experience of Furious 7 and I was ready to go and deal with it and mourn alone and I gave the studio a kind of an impossible task, and that was if you can get Michael Caine to play the Dolan then I’ll do the movie right now… And so the studio got Michael Caine to do this movie and so I went off in 2014 to film the movie. It’s fascinating when you see the performance in The Last Witch Hunter in some ways it’s something that mirrored what I was going through in my own life because I was dealing with mourning the loss of someone so significant to me, I found myself trying to mask it. Anybody who has kids knows that you don’t really want to expose your kids to sorrow or pain you’d rather shield them from that so I found myself trying to mask that a lot and of course trying to mask that and hide that from the public and the character Kaulder is an immortal that’s suffered so much loss that he has this melancholy and sorrow that he’s trying to mask.”
Sporting sensation, Jessica Ennis-Hill, spoke to Jonathan about family life with son, Reggie, her life after sport and the doping scandal involving Tatyana Chernova.
Jessica’s frustration at not being upgraded from silver to gold at the 2011 World Championships has been widely reported. Jessica won silver behind Russian, Tatyana Chernova, at the World Championships four years ago in Deagu but a sample given by the Russian in 2009 and retested this year showed the presence of an anabolic steroid in her system. Despite Chernova being banned and two years of results being wiped out by the Russian Anti-Doping Agency, Jessica is still adamant she should have won the 2011 World Championships because the two year period ended just 16 days before Chernova won gold.
Speaking to Jonathan, Jessica said: “A heptathlete, Tatyana Chernova, who I have competed with a few times, she was banned for two years but no one really knew about it… Essentially she shouldn’t have qualified for the World Championships and she shouldn’t be there.”
When Jonathan asked, “So therefore you should have that gold as well?” Jessica replied, “Well that’s the argument yes, obviously I am frustrated and I love that medal. It was that moment crossing the line was a really heartbreaking moment because I’d trained so hard and I finished second and I really felt I was in shape to win so it was difficult but all I can do is put my appeal in and see what happens.”
On the doping scandal, she said: “As an athlete that trains and has trained hard for so many years, you want to do it through hard work and dedication and you don’t want to think that you’ve done something that other people aren’t doing and it’s a false victory but obviously not everyone thinks like that.”
The sporting champion opened up about her job as a new mum to 15 month old Reggie. On whether her son will be following in her athletic footsteps, Jessica said: “No pressure but he started walking when he was about 10 months so he’s been on the go for quite a while now, so he’s running around and jumping off things. He’s fearless.”
On getting back into her athletic career and winning gold in Beijing this year, so close after giving birth, Jessica admitted she did worry she wouldn’t get back to the standard she was before: “It was really hard and every parent knows with their first child it’s life changing and your whole world is turned upside down and I suppose I just always had in my mind that I wanted to get back into training eventually and as a sportsperson, your career is pretty much short lived so you have to make the most of it and enjoy every moment of your career. I just felt like I really wanted to get back to it.
I definitely doubted [myself] after I had Reggie and your body completely changes… Everything changes and I didn’t know if I would be the same athlete and obviously it does take quite a while for you to get back into training and slowly get back to the form that you were in before.”
Speaking about juggling being a mum with being a professional athlete, Jessica said: “It’s still hard every day going to the track and now obviously my training is all shaped around Reggie and being where I need to be for him but being at the track is hard because I’m thinking, ‘Is he ok? Has he got everything he needs? Is he crying? Has he had a nap? Is he irritable? Is everything ok? and as a mum, you’re always worrying [about your children].”
Looking ahead to the 2016 Olympics and the end of her career as a professional athlete, Jessica said: “I’m excited, hopefully if I get there - fingers crossed - it will be my last Olympics so I just want to enjoy it I just want it to be one of those moments where I take in everything. I don’t want to get too stressed and caught up in everything, I want my family to be there, I want Reggie to be part of it all and I want to enjoy it… I’ve had such a  great career, I couldn’t have wished to have achieve what I’ve already achieved so anything now is extra and obviously Reggie is a whole part of this now so it’s going to be very special… Obviously the London World Championships are in 2017 so that would be a nice opportunity but I’m touching 30 now, I’m 30 in January and I’ve had a great career and it would be great to end on a high.”
Comedians, Harry Enfield and Paul Whitehouse also spoke to Jonathan about their upcoming tour. Speaking about how they got to working together, Harry explained that Paul didn’t even remember the first time they met: “My best friend's big brother was [at university] and I went up to stay at the weekend and there was this very friendly, very cool person. He doesn’t remember at all.”
Joking about their riders on tour these days, both Harry and Paul joked about their ages. On what they require now, Paul said: “I’d really just like to know our names, we’re getting so old. Never mind remembering our lines, we can’t remember who we are! So it would be nice to have somebody who could give us a bit of therapy, point out who we are and then show us where the stage is!”