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Martin Lewis: 10 Things Your Kids Need To Know

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    Tue 23 Oct 2018
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    Week 43 2018 : Sat 20 Oct - Fri 26 Oct
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Martin Lewis: 10 Things Your Kids Need To Know 
“We live in one of the world’s most competitive consumer economies, yet many of our children aren’t prepared for it, and the playing field isn’t level. There’s a big divide between people who are in the know, and everyone else. Yet I’m aware I’m one of the lucky ones – my professional success is beyond anything I could’ve ever dreamt of. Managing that path between pushing for success and coping with failure hasn’t always been easy. There’s a lot I wish someone had told me in my teens.” - Martin Lewis
In this new hour-long documentary special for ITV, Martin Lewis steps away from his live studio for a one-off programme in which he returns back to his childhood home in Cheshire, and reveals some of the life lessons he has learned which he hopes will help parents to help their own children.
During the show, Martin reveals what he believes every family needs to teach their children to protect their futures, reflecting on his childhood and how it influenced his later career. 
In 2003, Martin set up for £100, which rapidly became the UK’s biggest consumer site, and now according to the Sunday Times Rich List he is worth £125 million.
In the programme Martin also explores what has driven him to become a campaigner for social equality and financial justice, founding the Money & Mental Health Policy Institute charity, and funding a financial education textbook which will be sent free to all state schools.
He says: “I’m more nervous about this show than any I’ve ever done. If I’m honest I feel somewhat exposed – cameras have been following me where I’ve never let them before.   
“I’ve not just stuck to the core money saving lessons, I have taken a deep breath and looked at some of the lessons life has taught me. My aim in this documentary is to try to help all parents navigate through what they need to know to give their children the knowledge to survive, thrive and push for the best chance of success.”