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Iran Unveiled: Taking On The Ayatollahs

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    Mon 29 Oct 2018
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    Week 44 2018 : Sat 27 Oct - Fri 02 Nov
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This is a Hardcash production for ITV Exposure
“We want freedom of expression, we want women to be as free as men. We want all the corruption to be gone, and we want justice. This is what Iranian people want, and that is why they’re putting their lives in danger and they took to the street and sacrificed their lives, because they want freedom.” – Iranian women’s rights campaigner, Masih Alinejad
This new documentary in ITV's Exposure current affairs strand features a film-maker going undercover into Iran to meet women challenging the religious autocrats who have ruled the country for 40 years.
The story that inspired the film started with one woman’s act of defiance - removing her headscarf - on one of the busiest streets in the capital, Tehran. It was an image that captured the attention of the world. Who was this woman, some asked, and was she alone in her defiance of the ayatollahs?
The hijab is a symbol of their authority – and women who protest against wearing it risk imprisonment and torture. In a year in which Iranians have taken to the streets in unprecedented protests at corruption, poor economic conditions and state repression, women have been at the forefront.
Produced by Hardcash Productions, which previously made the Emmy and RTS Award-winning Saudi Arabia Uncovered for ITV Exposure, this film follows the stories of four women – Shima, Shaparak, Maryam and Masih.
This programme reveals their hopes and fears and provides a vivid insight into their determination to fight for a modern, tolerant Iran, free from religious imposition and shows the heavy price they’ve all had to pay for their rebellion.