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    Wed 20 Nov 2013
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    8.00pm - 9.00pm
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    Week 47 2013 : Sat 16 Nov - Fri 22 Nov
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Ben Shephard and Julia Bradbury present a new series for ITV exploring some of the nation’s best-known mysteries and unexplained occurrences.
The series examines everything from the infamous Beast of Bodmin Moor and a bizarre spinning Egyptian relic, to the ghost of Guy Fawkes believed to haunt an inn in York.
In this brand-new two part series, Ben and Julia take to the road to investigate for themselves the background to these mysterious sightings, ghostly goings on and tales of mythical beasts.
Using reconstructions and interviews with eyewitnesses, experts and historians each story is brought to life. The presenters set out to explore the details of each mystery and their possible explanations, to consider how they came about and why people believe in them. 
Episode one: 
In the first episode of the series, Ben heads to York where he spends a night in the Guy Fawkes Inn where the ghost of Guy Fawkes himself is said to haunt its rooms. He also immerses himself deep in Rendlesham Forest, the location of Britain’s most famous UFO incident, retracing the steps of US military officers who reported a sighting of unidentified craft around Christmas one year. Ben also investigates the mystery of a pilot who went missing after setting out on a solo flight in his aeroplane, in Scotland. The plane was never found and the pilot's body was recovered four months later but mysteriously with no signs of injuries indicating his plane had crashed, instead showing he had actually died of exposure. 
Meanwhile Julia heads north to Manchester Museum to discover more about a ‘spinning’ ancient Egyptian relic which has been puzzling employees and experts. She also looks into the story of a ‘phantom’ plane crash in 1997 over the moors of Sheffield where eyewitnesses reported seeing a low flying aeroplane followed swiftly by an explosion. Emergency services were contacted but no plane was ever found. Julia then visits Hampton Court where a mysterious figure believed to be a ghost was caught on CCTV. She also investigates Britain’s fascination in ghosts and where our belief in the supernatural comes from.