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Secret Dealers

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    Eps 1 to 5 Series 5 2014
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    Mon 17 Nov 2014
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    3.00pm - 4.00pm
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    Week 47 2014 : Sat 15 Nov - Fri 21 Nov
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Three Secret Dealers are given the run of two antique and collectible-filled homes, placing secret bids on the items they want the most. They are competing against each other and the homeowners using their own money to try and buy the best stuff. But can cash overcome sentimentality? 
Monday 17th November 
Christopher, David and Mike are let loose in the first house, a tiny terrace crammed full of a collection of clocks and a gallery of Victorian paintings. A Louis 16th marble clocks keeps the competition between the dealers ticking over, and a painting by renowned artist Charles Hunt gets everyone’s pulses racing.
David is joined by Karen and Simon in the second house, belonging to homeowner Lynn. It’s filled with all kinds of shiny precious metals our magpie dealers will love, and there is a hunk of a gold bracelet they’ll want to throw on the scales!
Today’s dealers are Christopher Selkirk, David Ford, Mike Melody, Karen Dalmeny and Simon Schneider.
Tuesday 18th November
Three Secret Dealers ready to spend with wads of their own cash are let loose in two homes filled with antiques. But can they offer enough money to the homeowners to convince them to part with their precious heirlooms?
In the first house, dealers Mike, Tim and Karen fight tooth and nail over Tony and Amanda’s treasure trove of items, including a Victorian silver scent bottle by renowned makers Sampson and Morden, and a fabulous 19th century French Empire clock. But will these tough-talking homeowners sell?
In collector Michael’s house, Tim is joined by dealers Alison and David in a battle for a lovely Victorian engraved snuff box.
Today’s dealers are Mike Melody, Tim Hogarth, Karen Dalmeny, Alison Chapman and David Ford.
Wednesday 19th November
The Secret Dealers are let loose in two treasure-filled homes full of stunning antiques and collectibles. They place secret bids on the items they most want to buy, and then go head-to-head with the homeowner when the cash offers are finally revealed.
Dealers Karen, David and Simon are let loose in today’s homes. In the first house, they are wowed by Michael and Tracey’s impressive collection. There’s an emotional battle for a beautiful Victorian music box which Tracey inherited from her late mother. Can the dealers offer enough cash to overcome sentimental attachment?
In the second house a Victorian Vienna wall clock belonging to homeowners Joy and Margaret gets the dealers juices flowing. 
Today’s dealers are Karen Dalmeny, David Ford and Simon Schneider.
Thursday 20th November
The Secret Dealers are given one hour in two antique-filled homes to make secret bids on the best items while the homeowners are away. But when the homeowners return they are faced with some tough choices – sell their family heirlooms to the highest bidder and make a stash of cash, or hang on to the treasures?
Dealers Mark, Tim and Simon are spoilt for choice in homeowner Lesley’s house as they do battle for a stunning array of items, including some unusual Victorian salt cellars and a huge collection of silver coins.
Mark is joined by David and Christopher for the second house, where homeowner Ian struggles to part with some of his precious belongings. An unusual 19th century silver owl pepperette gets the dealers hooting with delight – but will Ian sell?
Today’s dealers are Mark Stevens, Tim Hogarth, Simon Schneider, David Ford and Christopher Selkirk.
Friday 21st November
Today’s very special house leaves our Secret Dealers falling over themselves in the battle for some amazing pieces. Karen, Mark and Tim go head to head for a magnificent collection of Royal Worcester vases decorated by esteemed artist Charles Baldwyn, and an unusual 19th century gold snake brooch gets all the dealers digging deep into their wallets. But with much of this collection inherited from homeowner Sharon’s late mother, selling is going to be an emotional wrench. Can the dealers possibly offer enough of their own cash to overcome sentiment? 
Today’s dealers are Karen Dalmeny, Mark Stevens and Tim Hogarth.