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    Tue 28 Nov 2017
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    Week 48 2017 : Sat 25 Nov - Fri 01 Dec
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Fronted by Rageh Omaar, ITV’s award-winning international current affairs series On Assignment continues, bringing you revealing stories from around the world, featuring ITV News’ award-winning team of correspondents.
The following reports will air in the fourth episode of this run:
In August, torrential rain triggered a devastating mudslide in Sierra Leone that killed 1,000 people and left hundreds more homeless. While destructive floods have been a common annual occurrence, poor infrastructure, massive deforestation and the construction of informal settlements on eroded hillsides have greatly contributed to the death toll. The mudslide marks another bleak chapter in the recent history of the West African nation that has suffered a long civil war and a deadly Ebola crisis that claimed almost 4,000 lives. Africa Correspondent John Ray revisits the country, now on its long road to recovery. He meets families and aid workers working to overcome the physical and emotional scars and investigates the controversy over the cause of the disaster - was it man-made or an act of God?
A deep resentment over the Muslim origins of the Taj Mahal, India’s most famous monument to love and one of the seven wonders of the world, has always existed on the periphery of the Hindu right. But in recent months, attacks on the four-centuries-old Mughal building have grown worse as Hindu nationalists have intensified their campaign to consign the monument to the margins of history. The Taj is a tourist magnet for its home state of Uttar Pradesh, who recently took the unusual step of leaving it out of their tourism brochure. John Irvine travels to Agra in India to investigate how Hindu nationalism, and a fight over India’s past and present, is at the centre of a bitter dispute over the Taj Mahal.
Despite being Japan’s oldest national sport, three out of the four top sumo wrestlers in the world are Mongolian. The number of world titles and medals the country has won lie testament to the Mongolian sumo stars’ skills. Debi Edward travels to Mongolia to meet a sumo celebrity who has now set up his own wrestling school in the capital Ulaanbaatar, to find out why Mongolians are so successful in the sumo world, and meet the future stars preparing to travel to Japan to start their own sumo careers.
Presenter:  Rageh Omaar
Correspondents:  John Ray, John Irvine and Debi Edward
Producer/ Directors: Anna Bucks and Sonia Pavlovic
Series Producer:  Delilah Jeary
Executive Producer:  Natalie Fay