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    Tue 05 Dec 2017
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    Week 49 2017 : Sat 02 Dec - Fri 08 Dec
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Fronted by Rageh Omaar, ITV’s award-winning international current affairs series On Assignment continues, bringing you revealing stories from around the world, featuring ITV News’ award-winning team of correspondents.
The following reports will air in the final episode of this run:
When Hurricane Irma slammed into the British Virgin Islands on September 6, it left the tourism industry, one of the territory’s main income generators, with over $3 billion in damages. Three months after Irma’s landfall Penny Marshall returns to see how far they have got with reconstruction ahead of 2018 - a year in which they were hoping to break all previous tourism records. The islands were shut to tourists for the whole of October in the hope that locals could concentrate on the clean-up and repairs of buildings and infrastructure. The first charters started arriving in November. Will the islands be open for business come January? 
Cyber-crime is now a multi-billion-dollar issue. The WannaCry virus attack in May, which paralysed the NHS and computer networks in more than 100 countries, demonstrated its impact on people's everyday lives. Joel Hills has been given rare access to Microsoft’s Digital Crimes Unit in Seattle, to find out what one of the biggest tech giants in the world is doing to fight the problem of cyber-attacks. Joel interviews Microsoft’s CEO, Satya Nadella, and its president, Brad Smith, asking who is responsible for preventing cyber-attacks as well as exploring the issue of state-sponsored hacking.
In Somaliland, the self-declared state in the Horn of Africa, it is estimated 98 per cent of women between the ages of 15 and 49 have had their genitals forcibly mutilated. One of those women is Nimco Ali, who was born in Somaliland and now lives in the UK. Nimco is a prominent FGM campaigner, and set up a charity called Daughters of Eve, taking her campaign to Barack Obama, David Cameron and Melinda Gates. Rageh Omaar travels back to Somaliland, his family’s home country, to find out how Nimco and other FGM campaigners are attempting to eradicate it, making it the first state in Africa to do so. The report includes interviews with the prominent FGM campaigner Edna Adnan and a ‘cutter’, a woman who performs FGM on young girls.
Presenter:  Rageh Omaar
Correspondents:  Penny Marshall, Joel Hills, Rageh Omaar
Producer/ Directors: Anna Bucks and Sonia Pavlovic
Series Producer:  Delilah Jeary
Executive Producer:  Natalie Fay