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Plebs: Soldiers of Rome (ITVX)

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    Thu 08 Dec 2022

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    Week 49 2022 : Sat 03 Dec - Fri 09 Dec

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    Fri 18 Nov 2022

Plebs: Soldiers of Rome

Available on ITVX on December 8th 2022

After five successful series, multi award-winning comedy Plebs ends with a feature-length 85 minute special that will premiere on ITVX.

Marcus, Grumio, Jason and Aurelius join the army in peace-time, hoping to win respect, romance and discounts at participating restaurants. But when war's declared, they’re sent to fight on the front line for a cause they don’t believe in. Now their main interest is the struggle for survival.

The journey takes our new recruits from their humdrum lives in Rome to the army garrison and tribal villages on the Empire’s edge.

Shot in Bulgaria and Wales, the backdrop of war allows their adventures to unfold on an epic scale.

Returning as the four Plebs are Tom Rosenthal, Ryan Sampson, Jon Pointing and Tom Basden, along with Karl Theobald as series regular Landlord. Joining them for the finale are Patrick Baladi (The Office/Breeders) as Roman commander General Diomedes, Tori Allen-Martin (London Kill/Here We Go) as warrior queen Barbronelda and Kåre Conradi (Norsemen) as Barbarian leader Segimundus.