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    Sat 24 Jan 2015
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    Week 05 2015 : Sat 24 Jan - Fri 30 Jan
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    Fri 23 Jan 2015
COLIN FIRTH speaks in a rare TV interview about that wet shirt scene in Pride and Prejudice and says he is a ‘fake’ posh boy. He is joined by co-star TARON EGERTON who spoke about his new found fame and playing opposite Hollywood greats
CAROLINE QUENTIN opened up about suffering with stage fright and revealed why Take That have a special place in her heart!
KATHERINE RYAN spoke about the idea of celebrity and meeting Justin Bieber
TAKE THAT revealed they considered not releasing another album after the departure of Jason Orange but said the door is always open for a return. Howard also spoke for the first time about his recent wedding. Take That also performed.
This week, The Jonathan Ross Show is back for a brand new series. For the first show, Jonathan is joined by Oscar winning actor, Colin Firth, up-and-coming acting talent, Taron Egerton, British TV great, Caroline Quentin, rising star of comedy, Katherine Ryan and pop legends, Take That.
Acting A-lister - Colin Firth - joined Jonathan for a rare TV interview and spoke about winning Oscars, that wet shirt in Pride and Prejudice and being a ‘posh boy’. He was later joined by Kingsman co-star, Taron Egerton.
Speaking to Jonathan about his Oscar win for The King’s Speech, Colin said on the night of the Academy Awards, it’s better to be in the losing camp: “You’re in a minority suddenly as a winner. I’ve been there the year before as a loser and there’s a much bigger party. You’re among the 80% not the 20% and there’s a real solidarity among people who are commiserating with each other… There’s a little bit less hatred when you’re one of the people that didn’t pick something up.”
Speaking about his role as Mr Darcy in Pride and Prejudice, Colin revealed that he was originally meant to be naked during the scene where he appears in the pond with a wet shirt on: “I haven’t seen [the film] since and I suppose I should see what all the fuss is about… The funny thing is the whole shirt thing has grown as the rest of it’s been forgotten so I thought at the time it was well reviewed. People talked about the scene where I proposed to the girl and all the rest of it. And I thought that must mean I’ve done a good acting job and then there was some attention about the shirt and now it’s just the shirt.”
He admitted to Jonathan, “I was meant to be wearing precisely nothing” and then said to the cheering audience, “you wouldn’t woop if you knew the truth!”
On the reasons why the decision was made for Mr Darcy to be wearing a shirt rather than nothing, Colin said: “[It was down to] the BBC and me being a bit prudish I suppose… I probably would have done it [though]… They had a problem because the writer had written that he [Mr Darcy] takes all of his kit off and jumps in the pond and we all knew that that was going to be delicate for family viewing and so we thought what do we do? Underpants? And then one of these experts said ‘they don’t wear underpants’ so we thought, ‘well let’s do something that’s sort of ‘what if they did’’ and they looked like my Granny’s bloomers. And the idea wasn’t supposed to be sexy it was just about a guy who is tired and het up and wants to cool off... I think the idea had come from me, but the next most spontaneous thing to getting all your kit off and jumping in the water is to [not] get your kit off… That’s just a wet blouse from the costume department spritzed down for continuity.”
When asked whether the Queen gave the film about her father, King George Vi, the royal seal of approval, Colin admitted he hoped so: “It was leaked from a dubious source that the Queen had seen the film… I don’t know, I actually do not know if she saw it. I ran into somebody who was distantly connected to the royal family while I was on a treadmill in the gym and it’s not the best circumstances to really have a conversation and process the information but I was assured that it was well received.”
Speaking about his upbringing, Colin spoke about being state educated, much to everyone’s surprise: “We tend to make a great deal in this country of where we went to school… I was state educated. It’s hard to give an account of myself because I went from Nigeria to Billericay to Hampshire to America and then back again and I was state educated.”
Laughing at being called ‘the poshest guy on the planet’, Colin joked, “I’m a fake. That’s the wonderful thing about my profession, it’s fertile ground for self-reinvention.” The well spoken star continued, “I didn’t really do it on purpose, I had to adapt. I came back from Nigeria and I went to a school in Essex and it was the first time I’d met people of my age who didn’t sound like my parents. I hastily tried to catch up and change the way I spoke… as soon as I caught up with that accent then we moved to Hampshire and then I tried to adapt to that because I didn’t really want to stand out.”
“It gave me work and that’s really all it’s been about… I suppose I’m stuck with it really and I think people would burst out laughing if I tried to revert to the way I spoke as a child.”
Rising star, Taron Egerton, who worked alongside Colin in Kingsman: The Secret Service spoke about playing his first major role opposite stars such as Colin, Samuel L Jackson and Michael Caine: “The pressure was and is monumental… Colin - I hate to say it - he is every bit as perfect as he seems.”
And on his new found fame, Taron added: “It’s crazy, it feels like last week I was working in Peacocks so to be here with your good self is something of a thrill.”
Taron - who will play Eddie “the Eagle” Edwards in his next film role - tried on some glasses, similar to the 80s Olympian’s when Jonathan asked if he’d like to give the audience a sneak preview. [Pictures available from Rex]
Actress Caroline Quentin joined the sofa and spoke to Jonathan about her love of Take That and how she suffers from stage fright.
Speaking about meeting the Take That boys backstage, Caroline admitted why she is so fond of them: “They hold quite a special place in my heart because when I first met my darling husband, Sam Farmer, he had not really long been out of a rugby club and when they were on tour… they used to [perform] Relight My Fire and when I first met Sam he told me that bit of information. I was quite impressed so before I let him do ‘special cuddles’ with me, I made him do Relight My Fire with no clothes on!”
Caroline - who is well known for her long career in acting and comedy - admitted she suffers from stage fright: “I was in the West End last year… And I do suffer from nerves still. I still get quite ill before shows, I still suffer from sickness and stuff before I go on but for me it’s about conquering that first night and getting through and meeting an audience… There’s no question that as you get older you don’t remember things as well and I think there’s partly that, you think ‘what if? what if I walk out tonight and it just goes and I can’t remember anything’ and so it’s that moment really but we all get over it and we all get through it and you get on and then if it does happen - and it does happen sometimes - someone will always hoik you out!”
Comedienne Katherine Ryan joined the sofa and spoke about fellow Canadian, Justin Bieber: “I met him once just very briefly… he walked into a room filled with young women [who were] just really excited to meet him and he had this team of security… and the biggest threat to Justin Bieber is a mobile camera phone so all they were doing was saying [putting on a deep voice] ‘mobiles down’... And then he chatted up one of the makeup girls in British [accent] which I thought was adorable. He said ‘y’alright love’ which is English. It worked… He is really talented it’s just that danger of fame, I think fame is very dangerous.”
Katherine also commented on glamour models and the idea of celebrity in the UK: “[Glamour models] are role models here, they’re everywhere, they’re celebrities, they’re on all the panel shows… I think that must be very confusing to be a young girl growing up in a society where it’s considered cool to be a decoration. And I grew up, I was part of the same machine when I was really young but isn’t it nice that it’s changing.”
Brit band Take That joined the show to perform and chat. When Jonathan asked if the boys are looking for a fourth member following Jason Orange’s departure at the end of last year - insinuating that he may be up for the job - there was an awkward silence before Mark Owen joked, “can you breakdance?”
Speaking about being settled as a trio, Gary Barlow said: “It’s different definitely but at this point we’ve kind of been working as a three now for over a year so we’ve really got used to it and I must say the support - as you’ve heard - has been unbelievable… it’s lovely to be back and we can’t wait to play live.”
Admitting they considered not returning to music after Jason left, Howard Donald said: “That was one of the things, when we was a three and Jason left, we didn’t really know whether the fans or the supporters would like us to come back and do another album but from all the support we thought ‘well we love doing music, let’s give them [the fans] what they want as well!’”
“So did you consider not doing another album? Did you think ‘maybe that’s it for us?’” Jonathan asked and Gary admitted, “We wanted to [carry on], I must say if we weren’t inspired and felt like we could still do our best work, we wouldn’t have done it but we don’t feel it’s over yet, we want to do more, we want to play more live stuff, we’re still young boys Jonathan!”
On a possible reunion with the departed Robbie Williams and Jason Orange, Mark said the door is always open: “For both of them I guess… we hope one day they both come back, it just wasn’t the right time for them so you never know.”
Howard - who recently wed - said of married life: “I’ve lasted three weeks now so it’s going well,” and said babies are on the cards for the couple, “I think it’s inevitable, I think it’s going to happen.”
Gary - who put offers out on Twitter to perform at someone’s wedding this year - spoke about the project: “It’s a bit of fun. I always think Twitter can get too serious, let’s have a bit of fun and I just said one day, if anyone’s up for a bit of fun this year, I’m happy to come and sing at someone’s wedding and of course we’ve had some unbelievable requests… We’ve had real fun reading through these things, we’ve had a couple of invites to swingers’ weddings, a couple of Star Trek weddings, a Disney one, even a couple getting married on a roller coaster!”