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I’m A Celebrity...Get Me Out Of Here! Coming Out

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    Fri 15 Dec 2017
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    Week 50 2017 : Sat 09 Dec - Fri 15 Dec
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I’m A Celebrity...Get Me Out Of Here! Coming Out
Whether they managed 13 days or endured the full 23 day stretch in the Jungle, all of the celebrities had plenty to say when they emerged this year. This Friday each coming out moment and reunion will be revealed.
Shappi was the first celebrity voted off. Although a short and sweet Jungle spell, it was just enough time to tackle her fears. She said: “I think I peaked early. The skydive was my big thing that I had to overcome and I did it on day one.” Following an emotional reunion with her children, Shappi caught up on the truth behind Strawberry-gate: “Oh Amir, you told us it was all Iain’s idea. Oh Amir, you let Iain take the flack for that.”
Next to join Shappi on the outside was Kez. She said of Stanley: “I didn’t want to like him. For the first few days I was really angry at him because every time I looked at him all I could see was Boris. But I couldn’t help but get to like him.”
Becky emerged after the third vote off and the topic of Iain Lee was the first on the agenda. When a phone call to her management team revealed that she’d been accused of ganging up against him, she was brought to tears in the arms of her father. Surprised she said: “You know what, I was the one that was being the most supportive of him.” “A bully? I’ve never been a bully in my whole entire life.”
Calling her husband, Leicester City footballer Jamie Vardy, she had a bone to pick with him. She swiftly congratulated him on his 100th goal for the club, scored against Tottenham Hotspur, but there was little time to enjoy the glory as she reprimanded him for voting her to take part in a trial. Pulling no punches she said, “Voting me to do The Hole? You’ve no idea how bad they were! I can’t wait to see our phone bill.”
Day 17 saw Vanessa leave the camp and her first priority was to work through as much of the hotel menu as possible. Hitting up room service immediately she filled an entire table with oysters, sushi and sashimi, a burger and chips, a banoffee split, a hot chocolate fudge sundae and a fresh fruit platter.
Stanley became the first man of the camp to be voted off. Following Vanessa’s lead, he got stuck into his favourite foodstuff with an enormous cheese platter the moment he reached the hotel. Sharing his thoughts on the much talked about Iain, Stanley said: “For Iain it’s been quite a challenge. He’s an intriguing fellow.  I should say quite a complex fellow. I felt a bit protective of him on a couple of occasions really.”
Dennis was the next to leave and stood by his opinion in the Jungle on Iain stating, “Obviously Iain was in there to upset everything in the camp and that was his intention.” “If he’s playing a game he’s played it extremely well. He’s obviously done it for his own reasons and that’s up to Iain to explain himself.”
Watching the infamous Strawberry incident for himself he said, “Amir! They both encouraged each other but Amir started it by the looks of it. The rascal!”
Becky was keen to discuss Iain with Dennis right away, and the press coverage suggesting bullying. She told him, “I came out to the biggest sh*t storm. And you know I don’t get upset about things and you know I’m really strong but I actually cried in the car. It really upset me. Something so strong has been said about not just me. You, Jamie, Amir. That we were part of a gang.”
Dennis responded: “I am gobsmacked with it. The reason being is because this is not the case. I’ll be surprised with Iain if he doesn’t clarify all of this.”
And that wasn’t the only thing Dennis wanted to clarify. 24 hours after leaving, he returned to the Jungle studio to confront Dec on all his size jokes and he brought his tape measure! “I’m the tallest, Dec. You are the smallest. And that’s always going to be the case unfortunately. We’ve stopped growing now.”
The game was up for strawberry-gate ringleader Amir next. Of his experience he said: “A lot of people might think it’s a crazy idea me going in the Jungle but I think it’s the best thing I ever did. I don’t want to be facing any more snakes, it’s time to get back in the ring.” On Iain, he said: “The reason it started bad for Iain was because he came in as Prime Minister. You know when you give someone a little bit of power and it goes to their head.”
Reading the news that Floyd Mayweather has said he wouldn’t fight ‘wimpy’ Amir, he said: “I’ve been chasing that guy like how the snake was chasing me. I’d love to have that guy in the Jungle with me, I would not let him go anywhere. You have to fight me now.”
Just missing out on a place in the final three, next to leave the camp was Jennie. And without being talked through the real strawberry-gate story she shared her own theory: “I think Iain’s a nice guy. I like him a lot. It was those bloody strawberries wasn’t it? As soon as Iain said ‘I ate all those strawberries’ I said, ‘He hasn’t, he is taking all the flack.’ Who ate the first strawberry? Amir. But Iain thought it would be good telly. Amir didn’t think it would be good telly. He’s only just realised it’s all been filmed!”
Ears burning, in third place, Iain was quick to set the record straight upon leaving: “There was no bullying going on. Let’s quash this rumour once and for all. Bullying is a very serious thing. It’s a huge word. There was no bullying whatsoever. “
Runner-up, Jamie, agreed: “I don’t think Iain was playing a game to be honest. He’s a nice guy and we became good mates in there. Last night was just a really special evening with me, Iain and Toff.  I think it’s been completely blown out of proportion if I’m honest.”
Queen of the Jungle, Toff, was surprised to see her social media followers had skyrocketed and to hear from her mother that “it was funny seeing you in your bikini on the front page of The Sun.”
On Jungle life she said: “I have found such happiness in there. I have been so happy all day, every day living such a basic life. All the things that come along with living in the UK you don’t need any of it.”