Litvinenko: The Mayfair Poisonings (ITVX)

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Tue 22 Nov 2022

[Pictured: Marina Litvinenko the widow of Alexander]

Litvinenko: The Mayfair Poisonings

Thursday 15 December on ITVX

A one hour film detailing the events surrounding the assassination of Russian national Alexander Litvinenko in 2006; this is the real story of not just a murder inquiry, but also a radiation health emergency that shocked the world - told by the people that were actually there.

Alexander Litvinenko died over fifteen years ago, yet his poisoning is still one of the most prominent assassinations in history. For the first time ever, this documentary will reveal the previously untold story of the experts behind-the-scenes who dealt with the deadly radioactive poisoning on British soil and those who led the investigation into Litvinenko’s murder.

The documentary provides a unique, alternative view of Alexander’s assassination, with an interview with his wife, Marina Litvinenko.

In her first major documentary interview since The European Court of Human Rights ruled that there was outside involvement in Alexander’s assassination, Marina tells her side of the story; how difficult it was having her world turned upside down, only having 15 minutes to leave her house with her young son due to fears of radiation contamination, and about that world-renowned interview given from Alexander’s hospital bed.


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