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Gordon, Gino & Fred: Christmas Road Trip Three Unwise Men

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    Mon 23 Dec 2019

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    Week 52 2019 : Sat 21 Dec - Fri 27 Dec

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    Mon 02 Dec 2019

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Gordon, Gino & Fred: Christmas Road Trip Three Unwise Men

After their hilarious European adventures Gordon, Gino and Fred are in the desert, searching for the spirit of the festive season in Morocco… a land of snakes, saffron… and camels!

Gino wanted to take the boys to Jerusalem, but his cousin got a cheap deal on flights. They landed 6,000 miles short in Marrakesh where culturally they don’t celebrate Christmas.

But the foodie friends, always hungry to experience different cultures, food, drink and opportunities for adventure, are determined to make it an incredible culinary road trip.

They find themselves on the back of three camels in the middle of the Agafay desert but Three Wise Men they are not. They’re searching out the hospitality of a local Arabic desert dwelling family who will show them the delights of eating their mutton nose to tail. Literally. But not before they are expected to put up their own tent for the night and get stuck in.

Their beloved RV from the adventures in Europe is back but this time she’s had a touch of Christmas sprinkled all over her. But how on earth will the boys cope with driving in the utter chaos that is the Medina in Marrakesh? Before they take on the complete pandemonium that is the marketplace and the souks. It isn’t going to make for a relaxing advent….

It happens that the boys have landed in Morocco for the few days that mark the exclusive saffron picking season and would never miss the opportunity to get grabbing one of the most expensive commodities in the world whilst they are there. And between goat herding, adventures in motorbikes with sidecars, fishing in wooden boats and rides in donkey carts they might just make it back to the city alive.

The end of the trip sees them back in the city walls immersing themselves in a bit of luxury as they bed down in a classic Moroccan riad. Although their visit to the local hammam for a traditional massage is anything but luxurious! To finish their Xmas break they will come together to cook themselves a Christmas feast like no other - inspired by their travels, the people and the experiences they have had. Will it be a Nightmare before Christmas or a Wonderful Life?

Produced by Studio Ramsay for ITV.



How does it feel to be back together again for Christmas special?

It's amazing to be back - believe it or not I've actually missed those two! We are lucky to have an incredible bond and share a great motto, ‘Work hard, play harder!’ Although don’t get me wrong, it is like having two more young sons, what with Fred's moods and Gino's games!

Is this your first trip to Morocco and what can viewers expect to see?

I'm lucky enough to have been to Morocco a few times now but I never tire of being there, especially Marrakech. Walking through the medinas is like walking into a postcard and it never fails to inspire. This Christmas we drew on the many amazing, authentic traditional Moroccan ingredients and created a Christmas feast in the desert to remember. The viewers will be inspired to recreate some of our authentic dishes.

How will you be celebrating Christmas this year?

This Christmas will be extra special with the arrival of Oscar. A baby’s first Christmas is pretty magical. It’s always time for family and food, of course! All the family will be home, all the kids together and it will be a really amazing special time, I can’t wait!


How does it feel to be back together again for Christmas special?

It’s always amazing being back filming with the boys because it’s not work really, it’s getting three friends together, it doesn’t really matter where we are, it’s always great fun. We work hard, but the cool thing about GGF is that we play harder than we work, so it’s all very rock n roll and the most amazing experience ever. We have a great team behind the scenes and it’s just fantastico, as we say in Italian.

Is this your first trip to Morocco and what can viewers expect to see?

Yes, this is my first time in Morocco and what viewers will see is something really different. In Morocco you can be in the desert one day and then in the most amazing city of Marrakech the other. The colours, the food, the people, it is really a unique, magical place. And the views are incredible.

How will you be celebrating Christmas this year?

I will be in Sardinia in my home with my family because I think that is the best way to spend Christmas. No distraction, just being in Italy eating a lot of seafood. I will be baking sea bass in salt as usual, I do that every year, lots of clams and mussels and prawns. Smoked salmon, it’s very fish orientated, I have to say. I don’t do much Christmas prep as Italians don’t have the brussels or the veg or the turkey, so prep is very little as everything is cooked then and there. If we do marinated vegetables, roasted vegetables we do them a few days before. One thing I will do is drink a lot of Prosecco, that is what I usually do.


How does it feel to be back together again for Christmas special?

The thing about us travelling together is we love food and drink and people open up their restaurants and farms and houses for us. We love life, we love to have fun and we love experiences, so we did so many fun things. We are very different characters and yet we love and enjoy each other’s company, which is quite unique, and I don’t think I could do this trip with any other people. The diversity and the differences that we each have makes it more fun than it would normally be.

Is this your first trip to Morocco and what can viewers expect to see?

It was my first time to Morocco. We were supposed to go to Jerusalem, Gino was supposed to buy the tickets but he got his cousin to buy them and because they were cheaper to Morocco, he bought tickets to go there. It was a bit random. It is a fascinating country with fascinating landscape, great gastronomy. It was really great to go on a tour and meet all these fascinating people. Morocco is a country like no other. It feels almost like a medieval country, especially when you go out in the desert and in the mountains and you meet people who still live in mud houses with almost nothing in their houses. They are very happy people and very willing to share everything that they have with you, and that was a real eye opener. It was like the spirit of Christmas that we were looking for, very humbling.