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Midsomer Murders

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    The Miniature Murders

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    Tue 04 Feb 2020

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    8.00pm - 10.00pm

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    Week 06 2020 : Sat 01 Feb - Fri 07 Feb

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    Tue 21 Jan 2020

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Midsomer Murders - The Miniature Murders

The worlds of miniature dolls houses and real houses collide when prolific real estate agent ALEXANDER BEAUVOISIN (Roger Barclay) is murdered in front of a crowd at the unveiling of a new dolls house Collection at Midsomer Museum of the family.


There is a packed audience in the Midsomer Museum of the Family for the much anticipated arrival of the new miniature dolls house collection, donated by wealthy owner of Beauvoisin Estates, Alexander Beauvoisin. But as the real estate mogul makes his grand speech on stage, the audience is horrified when he is shot dead.

As soon as Barnaby and Winter begin to investigate, it doesn’t take long to discover that Alexander wasn’t as well thought of as he may have had them believe. In fact, far from it; despite his wealth and success he was actually an incredibly careless landlord who let conditions in his rental properties fall into complete disrepair. Cutting corners on repairing a boiler even led to one young tenant LARA losing her life. Boiler technician WESLEY (Thomas Dominique) was imprisoned for the death, but had forever maintained his innocence, instead blaming cheap odd jobs man NICCO for the accident, who ran off shortly after the death.

Barnaby meets even more of his enemies when he goes to see another of Alexander’s tenants; dolls house and miniatures creator MAXINE (Eleanor Bron) and her assistant and children’s entertainer CARYS (Rosalie Craig) in their toyshop. Barnaby can’t help but be blown away by her attention to detail, especially on her current project – a remarkable exact replica of the toyshop; a copy of one that Barnaby has always admired on display in the museum. Maxine tells him how Alexander had been increasingly threatening towards her, even placing one of his heavies outside of the toyshop whilst demanding more rent money.

Whilst there, Barnaby also learns of Carys’ on-going feud with fellow children’s entertainer JEMIMA (Katy Brand)– who also happens to be Alexander’s one and only fan.

Working with a seemingly endless list of people who are happy to see Alexander dead, Barnaby and Winter have their work cut out to whittle down the list and find the real killer, before they have a chance to strike again.

Cast List

DCI John Barnaby - Neil Dudgeon 
Ds Jamie Winter - Nick Hendrix 
Sarah Barnaby - Fiona Dolman 
Dr Fleur Perkins - Annette Badland
Alexander Beauvoisin - Roger Barclay
Fiona Beauviosin - Clare Holman
Carys Nicholson - Rosalie Craig
Jemima Starling - Katy Brand
Maxine Dobson - Eleanor Bron 
Holly Ackroyd - Joanna Page
Wesley Peters - Thomas Dominique 
Finn Wokoma - Rohan Nedd
Samuel Wokoma - Karl Collins
Erin Turner - Ami Okumura Jones
Forensic Officer - Tom Anderson 
Betty Barnaby - Isabel Shaw