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    Wed 23 Jan 2019

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Series overview


Davina McCall returns to host a brand new series of the life-transforming programme This Time Next Year.


Featuring extraordinary people who pledge to dramatically change their life by ‘This Time Next Year’.  Over the course of 12 months they’ll aim to fulfil their dreams of losing weight, meeting an unknown family member, having children, or finally realising a lifelong personal ambition. 


Their transformations will appear instantaneous using the programme’s ‘time travel’ style format. Once each pledge is made, the contributor will leave the studio ready to begin their challenge but just moments later will reappear completely transformed one year later, hopefully revealing a brand new them. 


Episode 1


The first episode is a weight loss special with five contestants hoping to lose a combined weight of 50 stone, but will they achieve their goals?  


Host Davina meets, Fiona a 34-year-old primary school teacher from Salford who is hoping she can lose 8 stone, so that she can try for a baby.   After being referred to a fertility clinic, Fiona and husband Alex were told that along with her polycystic ovaries, her BMI was also decreasing her chances to get pregnant.  In order to qualify for the treatment, she must bring her BMI down.   Will Fiona be able to achieve her goal and finally have the family she longs for?  


Jaymes and Paul Anderson, 32 and 31 from Bedlington in Newcastle are pledging to lose a combined weight of 20 stone.  Jaymes is 25 stone whilst Paul is 22st 13lbs.  The pair are conscious that their weight is affecting their health but will they will finally succeed and achieve their target weights? 


Mike Jarman, 37 years old from Manchester, is pledging to lose 6 stone so that he can reverse the effects of his type 2 diabetes.  The self-confessed fast food junkie has seen his diet affect his diabetes causing his medication to double since first diagnosed.   He has since been told that if he continues, he will have to start using insulin for the rest of his life.   With time to reverse the effects, the father of four is determined to change is lifestyle to help his aligning health.  


Pat Sutcliffe, 67 years old from Castleford is hoping to lose 5 stone and renew her wedding vows.  The former Town Mayor (of Mirfield) has been married to husband John for 44 years and had planned to renew their vows when they reached their 50th year.  However, Pat has since battled colon cancer and now in remission, feels it’s the best time to do this but will she succeed? 


Tracey Geddis a 50-year-old advanced nurse practitioner from Lurgan in Northern Ireland is hoping to lose 10 stone and final get married.  Tracey has been with her partner Jason for 17 years, having met when he was a patient in the hospital where she worked.  Whilst she would love to marry Jason, Tracey admits she couldn’t bear to the thought of wearing a dress at her current weight.  Desperate to marry her ‘soulmate’ Tracey is determined that she will lose the weight and finally get to walk down the aisle.   


Davina McCall Q&A


Q:  What’s been the most stand out story for you for the three series?


DM:  There was a story of a lady who developed a rare autoimmune disease which caused her nose to collapse.  She was getting stares and jibes, it was terrible.  It was a real challenge but she was given a prosthetic nose, which would attach by magnets and she could take it on and off.  She was beautiful before but she couldn’t see it, she looked so beautiful when she walked through door and you could see how confident it had now made her. 


Q:  Have any of these stories inspired you to change something in your life?


DM: I think what I’ve realised from this show is that there is something powerful about making a public declaration and being vocal about things I’d like to achieve in the next year.  When you made a public declaration, saying ‘I want to do that’, it keeps you motivated.


Q:  If you were taking part in the show what would be your pledge?


DM: Last year I made a pledge to be a PT (Personal Trainer).  I’ve become a fitness instructor but I’ve not quite made it to a PT.  The end of year just run away with me and I was extremely busy.  Sometimes life happens, and it’s good to show that this can happen.  You don’t have to give up on your goals.  I plan to make it next year’s goal.  So next year I want to qualify as a Personal Trainer


Q:  How hard is when they haven’t achieved their goals?


DM: The people on the show know that we understand that sometimes things happen in life and it doesn’t always go to plan.  So, we’re grateful to anyone who comes on to the show to explain why they haven’t achieved their goals.  Its life.  It quite difficult to come on and say that ‘I’ve not achieved it’ and we are always very proud that they do.  It also helps others who are watching the show who may have set their own goals and not achieved them, to see that it does happen and you can always try and have another go, you don’t have to give up. 


Q:   What can viewers expect to see from this series?


DM:  With this series, we have concentrated on health on wellbeing, with people making some radical changes to their lives.  Anybody thinking of making changes to their health or wellbeing will be inspired by the stories we have this series.  We don’t help them achieve their goals they have to do it themselves, and it can be really helpful to others to hear how they have done it. 


Q:  Is it difficult to wait a year to find out how well they have done?


DM:  Yes, it’s very frustrating, especially when its these very intense stories. Last series, there was a little girl who suffered from type 1 diabetes and would get regular hypos.  Due to this she couldn’t go to a sleepover with her friends. Her family were training a puppy so that it could spot when she was going to have one of her hypos and she would be able to take the dog to the sleepovers.  I regularly thought about her and if she’d been able to be with her friends. 


On this series we have a lady whose pledge was to walk her grandkids to school after suffering terrible burns.  She would pop into my head throughout the year and I’d often wonder if she’d been able to achieve it.


Q:  Any other ambitions you’d like to do?


At 51 (years old) I’m really enjoying working.   For a number of years, I was also juggling being a mum to young babies. It can be exhausting when you have babies/toddler at home.  You also suffer mother’s guilt.  So, it can be liberating when the kids get older and are independent. I can start enjoying my work again and really get my teeth into it. 


Q:  You host an array of TV shows – is there one show you watch and think, I wish I was in that?


DM:  Sometimes on long lost families, I wonder if anyone would come and find me out of the blue.  I think of how crazy that would be.  Although I have recently found a relative. My by adopted cousin has since come back into my life which has been wonderful.