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What Would Your Kid Do?

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    Tue 06 Feb 2018
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    8.00pm - 9.00pm
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    Week 06 2018 : Sat 03 Feb - Fri 09 Feb
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What Would Your Kid Do?
Jason Manford hosts What Would Your Kid Do? A brand new ITV show that finds out just how well the nation really knows their own children. The six part series sets the challenge for parents to guess how their kids will react in a variety of different situations, as child development psychology merges with an entertaining game show element.
Each show sees children filmed in a real world setting – they’ll think it’s just another day at school, unaware they'll go through a number of tasks that will explore everything from curiosity to lateral thinking, risk taking to rule breaking.         
Jason Manford says about the new show: “The series is full of surprises. Even for someone like me who has five kids, the children on our show will never cease to amaze you. Plus, most of the parents felt like that after as well. The whole way through filming I was thinking what would my kids do in that situation and even with my own children I know they’d react differently. It also makes you think if you’re a kid what would you do.”
As the situations unfold, Jason observes alongside the parents as they try to predict what their kid will do in different situations, which, as each plays out, provides a fascinating and often hilariously telling insight into the minds of children. He’ll also have a few surprises up his sleeve that will see him join the little ones in their world.
Jason adds: “The various set ups on the show were devised by expert child psychologists so they’re actual tests they do to kids at this age. The responses and reactions were genuinely fascinating as well as being really funny. Every kid was so different and it was great to see the parents’ genuine shock because everyone thinks that their own little kid is an angel!”
At the end of the show the parents who have shown they know their child the best and correctly predicted their behaviour will play for a family prize with a twist – it’s chosen, of course, by the child from the winning team.