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Exposure: The Kill List

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    Wed 11 Feb 2015
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    Week 07 2015 : Sat 07 Feb - Fri 13 Feb
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Exposure: The Kill List
“The truth of the matter is, those individuals actually if they will not reconcile, then people like me ...will hunt them down to the ends of the world and kill them.” - Lt Gen Sir Graeme Lamb, Deputy Commanding General of Multi-National Forces in Iraq
This new documentary in the Exposure current affairs strand reveals the inside story of a special operations command that targeted, captured and killed insurgents during the Iraq and Afghanistan Wars, how it affected the conflicts - and the consequences its legacy has brought to bear today.
Produced by Brook Lapping, who made the acclaimed 9/11: The Day That Changed The World and The Hunt For Bin Laden for ITV, this programme features testimony from former SAS soldiers who served with the command, their American counterparts, and the military leaders who put together the so-called ‘kill list’ using a state-of-the-art intelligence database.
This in-depth documentary reveals how the Joint Special Operations Command (JSOC) under General Stanley McChrystal took the targeting of insurgents to a new level by tracing them on a mass scale via cell phones before launching up to a dozen raids a night to capture or to kill them.
Testimony from soldiers who carried out the raids indicates that sometimes they targeted the wrong people.
While the raids were brutally effective, they fuelled opposition to coalition forces, probably made the Taliban stronger in Afghanistan, and contributed to the growth of ISIS in Iraq, say intelligence officers and counter insurgency experts who took part.