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Exposure: Charities Behaving Badly

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    Charities Behaving Badly
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    Wed 18 Feb 2015
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    10.40pm - 11.40pm
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    Week 08 2015 : Sat 14 Feb - Fri 20 Feb
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Exposure: Charities Behaving Badly
"You don’t know who Anwar al-Awlaki is? He’s a scholar, and basically he was imprisoned, and after he came out of prison he started to incite hatred and telling the Western Muslims to bomb. He incited bombings, basically. Bruv, he was a brilliant guy though.” - charity worker Shafiq
This new documentary in the Exposure current affairs strand goes undercover to reveal race hatred, religious bigotry, and extreme right wing activism in registered charities.  
Produced by Hardcash, who made the acclaimed Banaz: An Honour Killing and Britain’s Secret Slaves for ITV, this programme examines whether some charities are promoting extremism - and finds shocking evidence of racism and admiration for terrorism.
In an undercover investigation lasting almost a year, three  reporters filmed in three different registered charities.
At an event attended by a trustee and supporters of the first charity featured in the programme, people shout ‘white power’ and ‘Victory to the Aryan Race’ and use slogans relating to Hitler’s Mein Kampf. 
In another charity, impressionable school children are taught that, ‘To destroy Hindu history is the secret conspiracy of the Christians,’ and are told by their tutor, ‘If it comes to Islam, they are the world’s worst religion.’
At a third charity, one worker speaks of his admiration for Anwar al-Awlaki – the mentor of the Charlie Hebdo murderers. And on a charity boat trip, a radical preacher discusses jihad in Syria openly as an option.
Yet when reporter Mark Austin speaks to the Charity Commission about the undercover findings, he discovers they are powerless to de-register a charity just because they are 'ineffective or troubling'.