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Serial Killer with Piers Morgan

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    Lorenzo Gilyard
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    Thu 01 Mar 2018
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    9.00pm - 10.00pm
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    Week 09 2018 : Sat 24 Feb - Fri 02 Mar
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Serial Killer with Piers Morgan is the latest programme in ITV's Crime and Punishment Season
Piers Morgan enters the world of the serial killer once more 
At Missouri’s Crossroads Correctional Facility, Piers comes face to face with Lorenzo Gilyard – the Kansas City Strangler.
This episode of Serial Killer with Piers Morgan, made by Plum Pictures, sees Piers Morgan confront a serial killer who, for nearly two decades, brought fear to the streets of Kansas City, Missouri.
Lorenzo Gilyard has never spoken about his crimes before. Now, in this chilling and disturbing encounter, Piers Morgan sets out to discover what drove this seemingly ordinary man to kill thirteen times.
At the time of his arrest, Gilyard’s life could not have appeared more normal. Happily married and respected at work, nothing suggested that he was harbouring a terrifying secret: that over a seventeen year period he had preyed on vulnerable women - raping and strangling them, before discarding them on the city streets. No one suspected Gilyard was the killer.
The string of murders, which started in 1977, went unsolved until 2003 when DNA technology linked all thirteen together. Further tests linked each victim to just one man: fifty-three year old sanitation worker, Lorenzo Gilyard.
When Gilyard was finally brought to trial, prosecutors chose to try him for just seven murders – the seven committed in a two-year period at the height of his reign of terror. Found guilty of six, Gilyard is now serving consecutive life sentences with no possibility of parole. 
Face-to-face with this killer, Piers Morgan lays out the horror of his crimes. But the softly spoken Lorenzo Gilyard appears to have an answer for everything. Until eventually he runs out of excuses and reveals his true nature.
As Piers investigates this disturbing case he meets the daughter of one of Gilyard’s victims whose entire adult life has been defined by the brutal murder of her mother; he meets Gilyard’s neighbours and colleagues who never suspected a thing and meets the detectives who finally brought this serial killer to justice.