Olivia Attwood: The Price of Perfection

Olivia Attwood's The Price of Perfection

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Week 03 2024 : Sat 13 Jan - Fri 19 Jan

Wed 10 Jan 2024

Olivia Attwood: The Price of Perfection
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Series overview

In this brand new documentary series, Olivia Attwood Dack will be going behind the theatre doors, meeting the everyday people who are going under the knife to achieve the ‘perfect’ body.

From changing beauty trends to groundbreaking new procedures, Olivia will explore how far we are willing to go and exactly how much we are willing to pay to reach that ever-changing goal.

This fresh and immersive programme will see Olivia take on a new role, investigating five of the most popular body parts for cosmetic surgery in the UK. Embedding herself with patients and practitioners and even testing out some treatments for herself, Olivia brings a warm and nonjudgmental tone to the series, as viewers witness procedures for the ‘Face’, ‘Boobs’, ‘Bum’, ‘Vagina’ and ‘Penis’.

Frank, funny and relatable, this series lifts the lid on our search for the perfect body.

Episode 1

According to statistics, the face is the most tweaked, plumped and sculpted part of our bodies. In this episode, Olivia delves into the innovative and lucrative world of facial cosmetic procedures, from perfectly plumped lips, to doll-inspired noses and full face lifts that can be done in your lunch hour. No stranger to a facial tweakment or two, Olivia hears from her Mum about changing beauty trends when it comes to maintaining our glow, while seeking answers to the age-old question - ‘How young is too young to start aesthetic work?’, in our search for the ‘perfect’ face.

Episode 2

Olivia investigates why breast enhancements are still the number one requested cosmetic surgery in the UK. Sharing her own experience of breast augmentations over the years, Olivia supports a number of contributors throughout the programme who detail their vision for the ‘perfect pair’. From silicone implants, to fat reductions and nipple tattoos, Olivia uncovers the latest trends and the most in-demand procedures, as well as who exactly is profiting from the ever-rising popularity of achieving the ‘perfect’ boobs.

Episode 3

In this episode, Olivia looks into how the bottom has become one of the fastest growth areas in cosmetic procedures. The global obsession with Kim Kardashian’s backside has led surgeons and practitioners to revolutionise ways to resize and reshape the derriere. From the BBL (Brazilian Butt Lift) which is statistically the most dangerous cosmetic procedure in the world, to the newest controversial use of derma fillers. Olivia witnesses first-hand a ‘safe’ BBL done under local anaesthetic, bottom threading, derma fillers and even tries for herself a machine worth over £200,000, which is said to give results equivalent to hundreds of squats in the gym. Olivia explores the benefits and potential dangers of each of these procedures, while hearing from the patients themselves about their method and motivations to acquire the ‘perfect’ bum.

Episode 4

Be it for improved comfort or purely aesthetics, cosmetic surgery on vaginas has doubled in recent years and in this episode, Olivia aims to find out why. In a social media generation with increasing access to porn and online sexual content, a whole generation of young women are now questioning whether their most private parts even look ‘normal’. While more women are opting for the popular procedure, labiaplasty, we also discover new treatments that claim to restore lost confidence and pleasure after giving birth. As well as the brave women willing to discuss their insecurities when it comes to their most intimate areas, we hear from surgeons who are all witnessing the speed of changing trends in the quest for the ‘perfect’ vagina.

Episode 5

In this episode, Olivia investigates how pornography and social media play a part in influencing men and their body image, particularly when it comes to their appendage. From the P-Shot to Scrotox, Olivia meets the men willing to undergo treatments to not only make their organs look younger but also to increase in size and strength, as they strive to achieve the quote-on-quote ‘perfect’ penis.



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